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Why I Hate Crates

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  • darci says:

    Crates are a cage. A locked CAGE. Why would you put your pet, your beloved pet, in a LOCKED CAGE. If there is a fire or other emergency they have NO DEFENSE. They are STUCK.

  • Christine says:

    When I first got my puppy everyone told me how I needed to crate my puppy. At first i didnt listen and decide to let my puppy sleep in bed with me and my husband. He was constantly peeing in our bed and playing throughout the night. I then decided to give the crate a try ( if u think about it, its kinda like a crib). It was great to potty train him, but i do not think they should always be crated. i started to let him back in our bed after 2 monthes. I leave the crate in our bedroom with the door always open. But i cringe at the tought of people locking them up all day and all night! ALSO people say the crate should be big enough for the to stand up and turn and they say dogs dislike bigger crates… I bought my dog a large crate for his size and a large bed … HE LOVES the extra room and goes into the crate daily for naps or when he wants his quiet time! Do not cram your dog into a tiny crate please!

  • Gypsy says:

    I took the doors of our crate over twelve months ago, I tried taking it down but my dog went nuts and was not happy until I put it up again, she goes in when she want to sleep in the daytime or if visitor arrive she takes off and lies in her crate herself obviously very intelligent and want a bit of quite her time. She is free to roam outside, and the whole house any time day or night and sleeps upstairs at night she is very happy. I would to take it down as it takes up a lot of room but not at the expense of making my dog unhappy