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The 18 Most Epic Dog Battles of All Time

Written by Liam Cronin | May 6, 2013

Here at PETA, we know that dogfighting is not only terribly cruel but also unnecessary. However, these curious, adventurous animals do have a competitive spirit and often engage in some compassionate and epic “dog battles.” Here are our favorites, along with the winners.

1. Dog vs Snow

Winner: DOG

2. Dog vs Grass

Winner: GRASS

3. Dog vs Grass 2: The Return of Grass

Winner: Still Grass

4. Dog vs Lake

Winner: LAKE

5. Dog vs Sandbox


6. Dog vs Ball

Winner: DOG

7. Dog vs Living Room

Winner: DOG

8. Dog vs Sleep

Winner: SLEEP

9. Dog vs Stick

Winner: DOG

10. Dog vs Toilet

Winner: DOG

11. Dog vs Window

Winner: WINDOW

12. Dog vs Rain

Winner: DOG

13. Dog vs Nautical Navigation

Winner: DOG

14. Dog vs Camouflage


15. Dog vs Bath

Winner: BATH

16. Dog vs Gravity

Winner: DOG

17. Dog vs Gravity 2: Gravity Tries Again


18. Dog vs Irony


Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states, but some experts estimate that tens of thousands of people are involved in professional dogfighting, while hundreds of thousands might be participating in so-called “street fighting,” or informal dogfights.

Let’s keep it cute and compassionate and watch our dogs fight windows, gravity, and toilets—not each other!

Help dogs today:

  • If you suspect that dogfighting is happening in your neighborhood, contact local law enforcement authorities.
  • Since dogfighters typically keep their dogs chained, you can help deter dogfighters by pushing for an anti-chaining ordinance in your community.
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