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Have an Animal-Friendly ‘Vacay’

Vacations should include the whole family, and when I say “family,” that also includes our four-legged companions! So the next time that you’re planning a road trip, don’t worry about leaving your fur-kids at home; instead, plan your stay at one of the many animal-friendly hotels and resorts available.

Recently, NBC’s Today show reported on the “Five Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in America.” The list includes hotels across the U.S. that boast an impressive array of amenities and activities for animal companions. Some of the hotels offer doggie menus, comfy bedding, training classes, and even surfing lessons for your pooch!

For the budget-conscious traveler, consider staying at a national hotel chain (such as Best Western, Days Inn, or Econo Lodge) that allows animal companions to stay in the room with their guardians.

Before planning your trip, be sure to check out PETA’s tips to make traveling easier, safer, and more enjoyable for your animal companions. And while you’re at it, be sure to steer clear of deadly destinations!

For some animals, though, there’s no place like home. If your kitty or pup is happiest on his or her own turf, check out our tips for finding a reputable sitter for your animal companion while you’re away.

Do you have any exciting trips planned for this summer or fall? I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment about your vacay below!

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  • H Dolores Huslin says:

    I am trying to find doggie vaca locations in and aroung Philadelphia, Pa 19136

  • Mig says:

    I like the idea that if you HAD to take your dog with you that there are options for that. I never take my dog on vacay but if he couldn’t stay with a friend or family who I trust (I would NEVER leave him in a kennel) I would like to know that I can still go someplace where I don’t have to fly to (I would never put him on an airplane either) and have a fun vacation that includes my fluffpuff. However if you feel that u just CAN’T go on vacay without them it seems more like a selfish move, like people who take infants to the movie theaters, they do it for themselves not the child/pet. Especially if you have to travel by plane. I think my dog would be happier spending time with his human nana who loves to dogsit him than to drag him with me to a hotel where he will probably be alone in a strange environment most of the time while I go to the beach, restaurants, shopping, etc. That’s just me.

  • Lisa says:

    I recently took my girls on a mini vacay down to the Florida Keys this year. We found a beach front bungalow in Marathon that accepted pets. What a great trip! Key West is also very “pet friendly,” you can take your dogs just about anywhere. They even have several “dog” beaches. Coco and Sophie loved the water and I was able to work on the tan 🙂

  • ilene says:

    i’ve been taking my dog on vaca with me for many years…if i cant get a pet friendly place, i just dont go…no way i’d leave my furbaby at home and definitely not in a kennel..can’t imagine it any other way…so many locations are pet friendly these days…reputable places of business do a great job at cleaning between visitors..i’ve had the best experiences taking my dog on vaca!!

  • April wilkening says:

    I have stayed at pet friendly hotels with my pug numerous times before. There are no signs of any animals that may have stayed there before us, its just as clean as a regular hotel and my baby gets to stay with me. I’m so grateful to Best Western for allowing pets to stay as well. So long as your dog is well trained and is well behaved I see no reason they should have to stay in a crappy kennel.

  • animallover197 says:

    But if your going on a vactation some where that you have to take a plane there. I DONT suggest to bring your pets!!! I would never put any of my pets through that!!! 🙁

  • Lynne says:

    Sounds like all promo and no real dog-friendly feeling to me. I have two Alaska Malamutes – absolutely perfectly behaved, well-groomed, completely housebroken – all of which many two-legged hotel guests are NOT…and they can’t stay because they wigh over 40 lbs ? Really? Because that would constitute “another person” ? Hmmmm – So – Does that mean no two-legged of 200 lbs (which might be, say, 40 or 50 lbs “over” and constitute “another person”) – can stay in those hotels until they lose those 40 or 50 lbs? Well – whatever – now I know the five hotels (and/or chains) where I will never stay BY MY OWN CHOICE. Love my travelly money? LOVE MY DOGS!!!

  • Ana Corradine says:

    If you really want to bring your pet, please choose a nearby location and country where people are civil and where there is a rule of law. I had the stupid idea to bring my French poodle to Costa Rica. I cannot write about what happened yet; the point is that a Rottweiler attacked us and killed her. It was horrible. I extremely suggest leaving your pet with a sitter, friend, pet hotel or a family member.

  • Michele says:

    That is so wonderful !!! I can’t wait to vacation more with the Babies !! If the choice is go without them or stay at home, my choice is definetley stay at home, where there is a little piec of Heaven !!! Which comes in the form of my Beloved Doggies.

    I always say, if I had a chance to go on vacation with seven dogs or seven people, it would be seven doggies, hands down xoxoxo

    Cuter & More well Behaved anyways !

  • Rob says:

    No way am I staying in hotel that takes pets. Sorry, but when I go on vacation, my dogs get the sitter. I am not sleeping on beds that have fur on them and walking on carpeting that has been urinated and shat upon. If I wanted that, I’d just stay home! Sorry guys, but this pet-friendly hotel thing you’re on is barking up the wrong tree!

  • Danielle says:

    Great info!! I love traveling with my pooch and i couldn’t agree more: a family vacation without her simply isn’t complete!

  • Zach says:

    Thats sad, Dogs should be happy..but maybe people go a little to far. DOGGY SURFING!! Thats just silly. I think its a waste of money….but if you want to…go ahead people.