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Companion Animals

Goodbye, Blue: A Family’s Loss of a Beloved Animal Companion

After surviving a car accident, a dog loses his life to a chip bag. Now his grieving family wants to help others avoid the same tragedy.

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Do We Love Animals More Than Humans?

Many of us could easily explain why animals hold such a special place in our hearts, but what does that say about our relationships with people?

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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Animal Guardian?

Why do we often wait until our loved ones are sick to really show them how we feel? The same can be said for our animal companions.

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Making Difficult Decisions When Your Animal Is Sick: An Insider’s Perspective

Our emotions often prevent the rational thought process that is necessary to make good decisions on behalf of our animal companions when they become ill.

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Cat vs. Spouse: Who’s the Better Partner?

Recent surveys reveal that most people like their dogs better than their better halves. What do you think?

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Lots of Love for Shelter Dogs (Photos)

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog” Month, and we’re spreading the love with photos of cute and cuddly canine companions!

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From PETCO to PETA: A Former PETCO Employee Speaks Out

One PETA employee shares how working in the abusive pet-trade industry inspired her to work for animal rights.

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Keep Animals Safe From Fall Poison Dangers

Find out about poison hazards and how to keep your animal friends safe from them.

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Myths About Pet Stores and Breeders

Why do so many people still buy animals from pet stores and breeders? Here are some of the myths that keep those dog and cat profits rolling in.

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Cats and Their Claws

What to do with our sweet little ones when they go on clawing around! We all know that declawing is a no-no, so what to do?

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