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Companion Animals

9 Dog Beach Necessities

Make sure you have these nine things in your bag before heading to the beach with your four-legged best friend.

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5 Easy DIY Vegan Cat Treat Recipes

Here are five homemade vegan cat treat recipes that will make your special kitty very happy.

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5 Tips on Leash-Training Your Cat

Follow these simple tips to get your cat leash-trained this spring!

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10 Funny Things We Try to Tell Our Dogs

Do you ever wish your dogs understood what you were saying? We do, too! Here are 10 things that we wish we could communicate to our animal companions.

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8 Reasons to Adopt—Not Buy—Dogs

Let these adorable pups give you eight good reasons why you should always adopt—and never buy—a dog!

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Why Was I Doing This?

This was just one question Nancy Hartwig repeatedly asked herself on the way to a demonstration at the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show.

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Keep Your Animals Safe and Happy This Halloween

Learn how to keep your companion animals safe during Halloween.

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‘Scary’ Animals Aren’t So Scary

Halloween may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything to fear about these animals.

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Friends Don’t Shock ‘Man’s Best Friend’

Our companion animals are often our best friends, so why would we use painful shock collars to “control” them? Learn more about these cruel devices.

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6 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive the Fourth of July

These precautions will help keep your animal companions safe and happy on “Firecracker Day.”

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