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Companion Animals

Smoking Endangers Animals Too

How smoking affects your animal companions.

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Chew on This

The danger of chewing gum to dogs.

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Really Crappy Medical Advice! © Diane Nicoll

Really Crappy Medical Advice!

It’s simply not necessary (or fair!) to ignore and avoid—or worse, abandon—your beloved feline friends when there’s a baby on the way.

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The 10 Commandments From a Dog’s Perspective

Top 10 commandments according to a dog.

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Variety Is the Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of your dog’s life just as it is yours. You can give Fido something different at each meal.

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Why I Hate Fireworks

Ways to help calm a dog who is scared of fireworks or thunderstorms.

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Tasty Holiday Dog Treats

Did you forget to buy a holiday gift for Fido or Fluffy this year? How about trying your hand at these luscious goodies instead? They will not be disappointed.

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Fido Flies the Friendly Skies

There is good news on the horizon for people who must travel long distances with their dogs but are fearful of making them ride in the cargo hold.

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Animals Do Not Make Good Gifts

Alternatives for giving animals as gifts.

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Holiday Gift Giving, Part 1

The best holiday gifts for animals and the people who love them.

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Companion Animals 101

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