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10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Valentine


Valentine’s Day is the day when we cherish our loved ones and shower them with affection. We each choose a valentine and make every effort to show that special someone just how much we truly appreciate him or her. But who says “that someone” has to be human? For everyone who’s “in love” with a furry, four-legged canine, let’s take a moment to reflect on why we’re so crazy about our dogs.

1. My dog is always in the mood to cuddle.

Frankie 🐾💙 #AdoptDontShop #DogsOfInstagram

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2. My dog joyously greets me every time I come home.


3. My dog never complains about my cooking.

4. My dog never leaves the toilet seat up.

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5. My dog enjoys long walks on the beach.

Skippy the Chihuahua dog at the beach

6. My dog gives me gifts.

7. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers.

8. My dog doesn’t fight with me about what show we should watch on TV.

Lol this dog #puppy #puppywatchingtv ##puppytvtime

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9. My dog shares my belief that there’s never a wrong time for a nap.

10. My dog loves me unconditionally.

If you’re looking for a “long-term relationship” with a furry friend, please visit your local animal shelter and save a life.

More of a cat person?

Check out the top 10 reasons to make your cat your valentine!

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  • nanoosa says:

    One of the best Stumbles that I came across today!

  • Samantha says:

    I got my dog from a breeder who gave it to another person to give it to me since she had to move…
    My little puppy couldn’t go with her since it was a long trip. She got to us and we have had her for seven months. I wish Victoria(My dog!) could live as long as I could so we can spend all our lives together!
    Why do dogs have to age so quickly!? My little dog is my best friend.

  • utep99 says:

    I have 7 Dogs 2 shelter rescues and 5 street rescues. They are family and love myself,wife and kids unconditionally. They are just like kids.

  • Chatty Kathy says:

    If it was not for my dog Ginger, I really doubt I would have made it through three major bumps in my road. She is 13 and I pray everyday for God to let her stay with me as long as possible!!!!

  • Susie says:

    Haya, dogs are family – my little dog is my family and best friend – unconditional love.

  • Tasha says:

    My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers. – My dog is a wuss when it comes to the cold and makes a point of stealing my blankets. So much so, in fact, that I actually went out and found a fleece blanket just for her. Now she will bring it to me when she feels it’s bed time and I’m staying up to late.

  • Barbra says:

    Hi guys, my beautiful chihuahua loves to destroy my toilet paper and I was going nuts looking for a solution… The search is over, I found it! Check it out: My dog is now so confused! “Where did the toilet paper go, mom? It was here a minute ago!” Ha ha ha! Thank you Paws-Free!

  • Jodi says:

    We just love our little chihuahua. She is not your usual chihuahua that only likes one person. She will welcome anyone that comes over and kiss them to death. she is 9 years old now. And we just love her

  • Haya says:

    While having a dog is nice,nothing replaces a real family with a wife and husband and children.

  • suresh says:

    love is life ,life is lie,but every person think about in lie life.

  • narmada says:

    we me and my family too love our TIGER very much, which is very mischievous one.

  • xathe says:

    Spending time with my dog is rejuvenating! I love him and I know he loves me too, what more can I ask for? 🙂

  • Vedette says:

    Exactly how you would describe our dog.

  • gern says:

    dogs are better than people.

  • Arjun Yadav says:

    My dog cries when I leave the house. Even my valentine wouldn’t do that.

  • adam says:

    My dog always misses me!

  • auto accident lawyer says:

    I loved my dog more than anyone in this world. Loosing him was really like loosing a part of myself. Dogs are definitely man’s best friend 😀 great post!

  • BAYDOG2012 says:


  • dugg1935 says:

    If the species only knew the joy they bring to their owners they would surely take advantage of us
    A truer, more loyal and devoted animal is yet to be discovered

  • Vacuum lifters says:

    Wow after reading this cant wait to get home for cuddles with my dog!! Humans best friend!!

  • Teresa says:

    lol, Laura!

  • John says:

    “Never steals the covers”? Really? I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those dogs. My three deaf rescue dogs are all blanket hogs.

  • Evelyn C. says:

    Wet nose, wagging tail and warm heart, that is our beloved dogs:)

  • Evelyn C. says:

    Wet nose, wagging tail and warm heart, that is our beloved dogs:)

  • Superhero says:

    My elder dog (both Labs) is now over 10, and is slowing down. I love both of them desperately and it scares me to think of one of them dying…I hope I have the strength to cope.

  • Sophie's Man says:

    I agree with Siva. By midnight, she’s dead center of the bed with all of the blanket right under her. But I take her out every four hours, and each time, she spins like she spins so fast I cant get the damn leash on! luv her tho!

  • Vedette says:

    This is also the reason why I’m still single.

  • 24Rocks says:

    I have a black lab/hound mix and I love her to death and I don’t know what i would do with out her

  • ropcorn says:

    I so agree! Although my dog does not like it when I take naps during the day, she always tries to wake me up then. Hehe. Anyway, thank you for an absolutely wonderful post! 🙂

  • Cu`ong says:

    I from Vietnam. I had many dog and I love each one very much. They especially tasty with potato.

  • laura says:

    If your other half doesn’t want to cuddle you, moans about your cooking, spills something and makes you clean it up and DOESN’T love you unconditionally, then there is something going wrong.

  • Arif Ammar says:

    I have a cute puppy, he is always in good mood and wants to happy me.

  • beth says:

    I have 2 labs. When my hubby is out working at night they are the best companions and stay by me religiously. I love it that they love to cuddle with me when it is bedtime. They are terrific with my grandkids…the male especially! I have so many great pics of him with the kids. Treasuring the time I have with them.

  • upthewazu says:

    Forever Alone

  • Siva says:

    I’d like to agree with 9 out of 10 of these reasons, because my dog is a bigger blanket hog than anyone I’ve ever met. 😛

  • ShirleyTx says:

    I purchased my dog from a humane shelter on Oct. 1st 2011. I found out after a month that he had second stage heartworms. It cost me 96 dollars for the exam and 576 dollars for the treatment. That hurt. When I found him, I wanted my old dog back, just smaller and light colored rather than black and it had to be a female. Well. . . I found the perfect dog. He was all I wanted except it was a boy dog. I’ve never had one so I almost passed him up. But I didn’t, thank Goodness! He is the smartest dog I’ve ever had and I’ve had some smart dogs. He is SWEET, go figure. He picked me out. The first time I even saw him he hopped up on the bench I was sitting on and settled himself down right next to me and didn’t want to move. He eats anything that doesn’t eat him first. He loves my cat and my friends. He loves to please me and it breaks his heart if I get upset by little things like his hopping up and taking half of my cookie. He is so determined to go every place with me that he slips out the door in spite of my trying to prevent it. He loves Pupparoni, so I take him out the door on a leash, throw pieces of Pupparoni back into the house and then slam the door behind him as he runs back in to get them. Today he refused to go after the Pupparoni and stayed outside the door with me. My dog is smarter than I am. I had to pick him up and take him in and close him into the bathroom before I could leave. I think I have spoiled him rotten! I would take him everyplace with me if I could. He sleeps with his back to my back or at my feet. Goes for walks with me and stays close to me all the time. I LOVE this dog with all my heart. I don’t know how I ever did without him. My last dog lived til almost seventeen years of age. I hope he lasts as long. They say he was a stray, and it shows. He even eats flies and is an excellent catch, but someone taught him manners. He doesn’t whine or yap. He heels, and sits when told. He comes when called and does so quickly. He is precious!

  • misan says:


  • John says:

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  • collars-4-dogs says:

    I found this page using StumbleUpon and it’s a joy to read the articles. Keep up the good work!

  • abby says:

    i love my dogs

  • Snowhite says:

    I have a english bulldog puppy, he is always in good mood and ready to cheer me up

  • Paula says:

    I never knew how costly, yet rewarding owning a dog would be. We love our Chocolate Lab “Chloe”. And out 3 kittys too!

  • mithriltears says:

    I have a cocker spaniel called Holly and she means the world to me.

    She has such a way of making me laugh, she listens to me rambling on, and she is the soppiest creature great for cuddles. Unfortunately she is the total master of emotional blackmail, which doesn’t bode well when I have sausages for dinner!

  • Jay says:

    Jani, i am so sorry for the loss of your Keanu. I think the hardest thing would be wondering, what happened to him? I have 2 dogs, an almost 15 yr old lab mix, and an almost 3 yr old pit/mix. I love them SO much. Also, i have 3 cats, but 2 females that really don’t care too much for attention (they were practically feral for years!) & my big old tomcat who cuddles a lot!

  • jessy says:

    my dog is my valentine because he´s the best reason to life 🙂

  • Sandy x says:

    My Cassie is an 11 year old fox terrier mix yet she doesn’t look or act a day over 2! She wakes me up, she greets me with joy, she waits for me at the door when I can home, she’ll eat anything I’m eating. She’s always up for cuddles and kisses and she never starts a fight. When I get mad at her she brings me a doggy bone to make-up. She shows me love and affection every day and her big brown eyes can make any heart melt! I love my amazing girl. xxx

  • Zoo Keeper says:

    Thanks PETA! We love animals and enjoy your posts. We recently wrote an article about TOP 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog. Our Kobe is a rescue from ARF & is such a wonderful pet. I would have a 20 more if I could! Here’s the link Enjoy and Thanks again for all your hard work.

  • Nira0929 says:

    Ive always had animals in my life as far back as I can remember.. But 2 yrs ago I lost my son when he was 4 months old. My counselor told me the first sttep is to get a dog. He has been with me ever since I got him from an ex that didnt treat him right but to this day I still believe he saved me. Love my little man

  • Rosebud says:

    YOur talking to a cat lady….or so I thought. WEll it was my husbands idea to get a dog. He wanted one as a companion in his transport truck. So the search began online to look for a rescue dog. He spotted one he liked and once I was introduced to her……the decision was mutal. We named her ginger and she fell asleep in my arms on the way home for the city pound. The introduction to my 2 cats was surley stressful but it didn’t take long for ginger to settle in. SHe realized pretty quickley that when she was getting up for work every day to go in the transport truck….her new mommy was still in bed. Needless to say little by little she stopped going with her dad to work and spending time with me.
    3 years later we rescued another dog that someone was giving away on line for what ever reason. He is a bichon terrier and such a wonderful addition to the house. Him and Ginger are now best buds. The cats are not big fans….. but I sure am. They have given me so much joy and happiness. They love walking with me every day….and cuddling in the evenings. I think I have totally been transformed into a dog lover. Although I love my cats…I adore my dogs.

  • Cheryl says:

    My dog(s) are my Valentine’s special buddies and loves of my life for all the reasons above, plus more. They are with me as much as I want and never complain. They love to be with me and protect me and my family always without a worry about their own lives. They are ALWAYS happy to see me no matter how late I am getting home. I feel their love every time they look at me.