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10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Valentine


Valentine’s Day is the day when we cherish our loved ones and shower them with affection. We each choose a valentine and make every effort to show that special someone just how much we truly appreciate him or her. But who says “that someone” has to be human? For everyone who’s “in love” with a furry, four-legged canine, let’s take a moment to reflect on why we’re so crazy about our dogs.

1. My dog is always in the mood to cuddle.

Frankie 🐾💙 #AdoptDontShop #DogsOfInstagram

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2. My dog joyously greets me every time I come home.


3. My dog never complains about my cooking.

4. My dog never leaves the toilet seat up.

Caught! #doggie #doggiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogpeeing #weinerdog #dog #adoptdontshop #adopt

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5. My dog enjoys long walks on the beach.

Skippy the Chihuahua dog at the beach

6. My dog gives me gifts.

7. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers.

8. My dog doesn’t fight with me about what show we should watch on TV.

Lol this dog #puppy #puppywatchingtv ##puppytvtime

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9. My dog shares my belief that there’s never a wrong time for a nap.

10. My dog loves me unconditionally.

If you’re looking for a “long-term relationship” with a furry friend, please visit your local animal shelter and save a life.

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  • Renee says:

    I had a Maltese cross boy, Reybu. He’s 7 this year and has been with me ever since he was 2 months old. He is my best buddy! He taught me how to love and treat small animals. I love him so much! He’s always so understanding, lively and affectionate. How to not love him! 🙂

  • Greenvegan says:

    My brussels griffon Lilly saved my life . There is no way I could ever thank her enough!

  • caroline mansfield says:

    i have an english/american bulldog cross and she always makes me smile. when i’m feeling down i can always rely on her to cheer me up. she’s so full of love. amber is one in a million

  • V. says:

    My mixed breed dog (like, a collie, Chow, and…what else?) is much like this. I’m certain that he believes he is a cat though, and that I wouldn’t mind him curling up against me and falling over, crushing me. He’s so loving, to mostly everybody in the family (tall men scare him, yelling won’t help either!) and I’ll definitly have to give him a special something for Valentine’s Day! (But totally vegan, he eats vegan like we do!)

  • Sandra :-) says:

    My dog is my valentine because I found him (or he found me) last year on St Valentine’s day: He was walking homeless in the street. Luckily, my mom let me addopt him. Now we love him a lot. He’s sooo sweet!!! And in fact his name is Valentín.

  • CaptainJack says:

    My German Shepherds, Lucy and Ethel, are my best friends. They have brought me the greatest joy for the last 8 years. They are my valentines because they love me unconditionally and every time I come home they show me what real love is. I love my girls.

  • DWD says:

    I can go on a long vacation and my friends and family aren’t as happy to see me as my dogs are when I come in from just getting the mail or taking the trash out. They make even small tasks rewarding.

  • Michelle says:

    My dog, Mystic (a female lab/pit mix) saved me 10 yrs ago when I found her at North Shore Animal League. She is the perfect friend, always loyal & understanding. I’ve had a lot of health problems & Mystic has never left my side. When I recently moved out of state, it was so great to know that my best friend would be there with me. She gets me through the happy & the sad times & is the most loyal companion I’ve ever been lucky enough to “have.” She is my world & I love her!

  • Debbie Thomas says:

    My dog Shiloh is my Valentine because I’m disabled and she is my life. I rescued her from people giving away puppies in front of WalMart so I’ve had her since she was about 5 weeks old. Shiloh is my companion dog and protector, we go on walks as far as I can go, she loves to play and fetch, I don’t know what I would do without her! Happy Valentines Day to my life long friend Shiloh!

  • Lana says:

    My dog is my valentine because she’s the one sweet thing that I can never be mad at! she loves me and I love her!

  • Dianne Crossno says:

    My best friend is Ollie. He is a mix of sheperd and shar-pei. I was getting ready to leave one warm, summer day, walked around my car and there was Ollie laying in the shade on the sidewalk. I got him a bowl of water and thought of “saving” him. I told myself – if he was still around my house when I returned home, I’d take him in and give him a home. I returned home, he wasn’t there so, I went looking for him until I found him. I brought him home, tried to find where he had been living, but to no avail.
    I’ve had Ollie around 3 years now. He’s my best friend and my comfort. I have a sticker on my car that says “Who Rescued Who”.
    I love Ollie.

  • janichallowell says:

    I have an Angel dog named KEANU. She disappeared n May 3rd 2010. She was self taught service dog for me. I am disaled and I adopted her from a shelter at 7 weeks old. She was sharpei/lab mix. There could never be another like her. She had a SOUL and I truly believe that. She was 7 yrs when she left me and I still mourn her loss. I also had an ANGEL cat (OZZY) that I sadl had to let go at the age of 22 yrs(human yrs) because of kidney failure. I rescued him at the age of 3wks.

  • Donna says:

    My dog keeps me company I’m disabled and spend most of my time at home. My dog gives me joy and unconditional love.

  • Henry says:

    Protégeons les toutous et minous,car uls ont tous un besoin d’être adopté par la grand froid et avoir une bonne famille d’adoptions par la suite des évènements.

  • tdredi says:

    excellent post! i miss the 3 pomeranians we’ve had in the family. they lived great lives in a huuuge house.

    pets do make a difference!

  • Judah says:

    Re Angie’s post: I’m sorry for yesterday’s sad news. How wonderful that you are given your dog’s love. Thank you for loving him – always.

  • Receptionitis14 says:

    My dogs are my valentines cause they make me smile like no one else can. I do have a fuzzy feline valentine that i love soo much too.

    Angie my thoughts and prayers are with you and your pooch! Really makes me appreciate my guys.

  • Danielle says:

    For years I was a “cat” person but now adore my little 2-yr old Pomeranian who has completely changed my outlook on canines. There will be four furry valentines this year; my doggie, two cats and the one stray cat who insists on living outside but does come in to eat and rest when it gets a little too cold for his paws !

  • Olive McKinley says:

    My CAT can do all that for me too!! I don’t take her for walks, of course, as it would be too dangerous around where I live. But she is always there for me and I just don’t know what I’d do without her, as in the natural course of events, I may have to. But I have 2 other cats, one of whom is not quite so affectionate and the other is feral! But I treat them all as equally as possible even if they aren’t aware that I love them too.

  • Jonathan jimenez says:

    i have a little chihuahua, and she is my furry angel, she makes me laugh when i’m sad or angry and spend all the day with when i’m in home watching the tv o taking a nap.

    i love my beautyful LAYLA

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i love dogs.

  • ayming says:

    my dogs is my valentine all the time, everysingle day is beautiful with them , no matter how bad conditions, they`re still loves me and i love them so much…

  • Maree Ann Peterson says:

    I love my little dog Angel she is my life my love, she’s the best knows just when i need a hug, and I reciprocate the Hug back.

  • Amy says:

    My rescue is my valentine because not only did I rescue him, he rescued me!

  • Fabio Guimarãe says:

    Meus cachorros são uma escelente companhia e estão sempre me esperando cheios de amor e carinho.
    Vou sentir muito quando eles se forem…

    Abraços do Brasil!!!

  • Lora"pittie-pup lover" says:

    My little “Boo Boo” brown, red nosed, pittie terrier is my everyday valentine. He is my brown baby boy and he makes his mommy SOOOOO HAPPY. He kisses me, smiles at me, walks with me every day and sleeps beside me in bed and snores beautifully. He is my JOY in life. I thank God for his love and for his life in my own every day of the year. What a gift he is to me and our whole family!!!

  • helen says:

    my dog and 3 cats are my valentines every day. my husband walks in the living room and sees all of us snuggled on the couch and walks right back out cause he knows that is “our time”after a long day.i’ll snuggle him AFTER my fur babies.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i love my dog.

  • Heather says:

    because no matter how Im feeling, no matter what has gone on in my life, no matter how bad things seem… looking at Pip never fails to make me smile.

  • dr arvind jain says:

    every instincts want love, compassion, affection. no body wants pains. the domestic dogs are also living in slavery. they are remaining in dependent way. they can not move freely. they are bound to follow the rules and regulations of their bosses. some time they should provide freedom.

  • Amanda Overton says:

    My Miley is my valentine because she can always put a smile on my face!

  • agnes says:

    my dogs are my valentines because they are better than me and every person I know …

  • Teri says:

    Love both my furry babies….they greet me and anyone who comes over with unconditional love….the only unhappy part of being a dog mom is having to say goodbye too soon. That’s why I cherish everyday they are here 🙂 🙂

  • Billie Z says:

    My dog Liberty is my Valentine because she agrees that it’s never too warm in the bedroom, even with the heat, the space heater, and the heating blanket. My dog Belle is my Valentine because no matter how bad she is (and she’s really bad), she has a look that she gives me, makes me smile, and forget whatever she did or whatever happened to me during the day. They are truly TRUE LOVES.

  • lovepuppies says:

    when i look into my puppies eyes I feel i can see their souls, I love my adopted puppies because they give us so much love and ask for nothing but love back, they are innocent and just want to be with us all the time…it does not matter how much money you have, how you look they love you no matter what…you will never find a human with that much love for you…I dont want to imagine my life without my dogs or as I call them my baby angels from dog heaven
    please adopt!!!!

  • Kathleen Kennedy says:

    My boy Sidney is my Valentine because he makes me laugh every single day. He makes me happy to wake up everyday just to see his big brown eyes waiting for me to see him. He makes every bad day good again; and he has teached me more about love, loyalty and comittment than any human ever could. My love for him is limitless and through loving him I have searched for knowledge on how to be the best human I can be for him…and how to be the best human for all animals. His love for me has taught me more about myself and helped me grow in ways I never would have imagined…My Sidney is the love of my life…I just hope he knows this…I think he does, they know these things…

  • Teri says:

    Love both my furry babies….they greet me and anyone who comes over with unconditional love….the only unhappy part of being a dog mom is having to say goodbye too soon. That’s why I cherish everyday they are here 🙂 🙂

  • Momcat says:

    I am loving these precious dog pics & commemts. That said, my biggest passion is for cats & I hope soon to see this same thing for cats. My Nokomis of many nicknames including The Fast & the Furry, the Furry Bureau of Investigation, BabyGirl, & more, has been the the heart of my home for 13 of her 14 years. She shows me her belly, busts me up when she sits in the bathroom sink or unrolls the toilet tissue, gets the crazies running through yhe place as if it were the Indy 500, & occasionally demands my attention by routing the books out of the lower bookcase shelves, jumps her way atop the high cupboards barely a foot below the ceiling, bats her paws @ my ankles as I walk by, chirps & chatters & loves to snuggle, nuzzle, be combed & be petted, & she’s SASSY. I can’t find words to truly express the happiness she gives me.

  • Sherri says:

    Having four dogs each has their own unique quality that brings a smile to my face. But I have one special one which was my first named “Spanky” he is my biggest joy. Like a child he snaps his teeth together when he wants a treat when I get home from work. Similar to a child wanting a snack after school. When he wants to play, he runs through the house with his squeaky toy, bringing it to me letting me know it’s “that time”. At night he burrows under the covers with me and then pops his head out on the pillow beside me where I get to listen to him softly snore. He’s my Valentine baby as well as everyday baby and I love him dearly.

  • Kristine says:

    My 3 dogs are my valentines all year round for all the unconditional love and joy they give me everyday. I have more photos of them than my boyfriend:)

  • Nikki says:

    My 2 doggies are my valentines because they shower me with love, cuddles and kisses and have taught me so much about compassion and life. I am the person I am today because of my dogs – they are my everything; they are my world. I am a vegan because from my moment I adopted them they showed me that we are all the same and we all have the same desire to live in peace and be loved and cared for. Chloe and Ted – I love you with all my heart, sweeties!!

  • Bonnie Reid says:

    My dog has been more faithful than my (EX)husband 🙂

  • Bilby4Ever says:

    My Bilby is my Valentine for most of the reasons you mention…although he growls when I wake him… he hates my cooking as I do, but he’ll eat it anyway.. he greets me at the door with a slipper and he’s taken me for a nice long walk everyday for the last 11 years….and although he’s learned to say thank you when I give him his pupperoni before I leave for work, he is only obedient sometimes… he’s an independent, cat herding lap dog, and we all love him, our little Valentine.

  • Ruby says:

    I LOVE my cat. She is my love of life. She has been my Valentine since she was 8 weeks old May 2000 and will be my Valentine

  • Tine says:

    My Baby (a 12 y/o pom) is my valentine because he is practically perfect in every way! He is patient, funny, loving, obedient, non-judgemental, and always happy to see me. I would love him all the same if he were not those things, but he just lights up my life and I am so happy and lucky to have his companionship.

  • MARE says:

    My dog means the world to me because he simply LOVES ME for who I am.

  • alice says:

    My dogs and cats are my loves. when my ex husband abandoned me – they were always by my side.

  • Angie says:

    My dog is my valentine because he loves me unconditionally and has taught me so much about life. No human has touched my heart the way he has. He’s the sweetest and best friend I could ever ask for and he means the world to me. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 mass cell cancer just yesterday so I appreciate every single moment I have with him even more. I am so grateful that I found this post.

  • Boxer Lover says:

    Valentine’s Day will be spent not only with my hubby, but with the furry four-legged man in my life. Huxley was delivered to the shelter as a stray so they weren’t able to provide alot of information on him. He was like a wild dog in the shelter, but when we took him out of the shelter to bring him home, he showed us his true colors. He is a wonderful, well-behaved big baby. Always greets you with a tail/butt wagging and freely gives kisses even if you haven’t been the greatest that day. Like every Boxer, Huxley keeps us laughing with his clown acts. So glad we made the right decision and gave him a name. Valentine’s Day will be his 2nd birthday.