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10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Valentine


Valentine’s Day is the day when we cherish our loved ones and shower them with affection. We each choose a valentine and make every effort to show that special someone just how much we truly appreciate him or her. But who says “that someone” has to be human? For everyone who’s “in love” with a furry, four-legged canine, let’s take a moment to reflect on why we’re so crazy about our dogs.

1. My dog is always in the mood to cuddle.

Frankie 🐾💙 #AdoptDontShop #DogsOfInstagram

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2. My dog joyously greets me every time I come home.


3. My dog never complains about my cooking.

4. My dog never leaves the toilet seat up.

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5. My dog enjoys long walks on the beach.

Skippy the Chihuahua dog at the beach

6. My dog gives me gifts.

7. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers.

8. My dog doesn’t fight with me about what show we should watch on TV.

Lol this dog #puppy #puppywatchingtv ##puppytvtime

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9. My dog shares my belief that there’s never a wrong time for a nap.

10. My dog loves me unconditionally.

If you’re looking for a “long-term relationship” with a furry friend, please visit your local animal shelter and save a life.

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  • barb94044 says:

    Dog is God.

  • koosher says:

    My dog has been known on occasion to steal the covers.

  • BBakeca Ferrara says:

    Dogs can be sometimes peoples best friend!

  • Drue says:

    I have 3 dogs one from the pound (Airedale Terrier), one that got lost and no one ever claimed him (Jack Russel), and one we rescued from a horrible breeder (Chihuahua).
    We love them all and there crazy different personalities!

  • PennyB9 says:

    I have a chronic illness, and some days are better than others. But on those bad days, when I feel lousy and I’m laying in bed sick, my cat will come curl up against my abdomen and just purr. Always makes me feel better. Yup, a worthy valentine indeed!

  • Maggie says:

    My dogs have seen me naked and haven’t laughed! You can’t buy that kind oflove!

  • Joseph says:

    Today was odd. My nephew found a tiny malnurished kitten. We already have 3 spoiled Yorkies, anyways we ended up with him. Now the day before I saw a small black dog dodging traffic at a busy intersection. I prayed he find a home and stayed safe. WELL out of the thousands of houses he ended up on my door step!I felt it very odd that we acquired 2 lovely pets in one day! I think it’s God helping out our furry friends! joe

  • Rita says:

    My dog is my valentine for everything you said and more reasons! She makes me smile in the most inpossible situations, she stays quiet when I’m in bad mood, She can have bad behaviour and make me love her anyway 😛 She’s amazing!

  • gern says:

    Dogs are better than people.

  • heulwen says:

    loved all the gorgeous dogs

  • Anja says:

    We have four lovely rescue dogs in our family and it’s so true everything that has been said! They love us unconditionally and that is something we all need when we come home at night. But if you’re interested in a certain breed, please look into the different RESCUES out there! There is literally one for just about every breed. Even if you aren’t looking for a specific breed, there are RESCUES with mixed breed dogs. They are awesome and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! 🙂

  • Curtis says:

    I have come to realize that finding a furry friend by means of a rescue foundation, it is easier to find one who might best fit your needs. Recently, my best buddy died at 18 years old. He was a Lhasa Apso my family adopted when I was 10 from Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF). I knew he couldn’t be replaced, but still I wanted a companion for my now 13 year old Pekingese. Again I turned to NARF, and because they foster their animals, the foster parent was able to point me in to a calmer, quiet dog. He is perfect for our household and as a friend to his older sister, not constantly bothering her to play when she needs her beauty sleep.

    So if you are looking for a pet, I urge anyone and everyone to consider a rescue group. Twice it has proved an amazing choice for me.

  • Scott says:

    My wife has a dog from the Humane Society… a Boxer mix – the dog in #10 is the closest to him we’ve seen. Is there a way we can find out what kind of dog is in the picture?

    Dogs love, not caring how much money I have or what I look like. If I hurt he doesn’t hold it against me he presses past my hurt to touch me with his love and change my day.
    God made dogs to teach us how to love unconditionally.

    Thanks For This Sight

  • boyTamer says:

    I agree with most of what’s been said, but let me add, “I pray I’m the Master my dog thinks I am!!!

  • weedonald says:

    My dog is a grand old lady (14 years old) and is convinced she is human. She is always there for us and totally part of our family.

  • torybright says:

    I have two grand dogs who I love, they have kept my adults children happy,loved and humorous!!!!

  • Highland Lakes Dog Walker says:

    5. My dog never complains about my cooking.

    Completely agree with this one! This is why my dog is my valentine! Cute Post!

  • thatssoweak says:

    I have a rescue dog as well and she is my princess.

  • Luzee says:

    Living alone is difficult sometimes but with my Lucy girl she makes it alright with her joyfulness at her walks, trips to the park I always have a companion who lets me know she cares.

  • lizz says:

    I love my dog she is ALWAYS here for me even when my mom two uncles passed away and even when her sister (my other dog) died
    I will always love my princess <3 😀

  • Annieb5191 says:

    My dogs have brought us joy when when we thought there was none to be had. They have been through much with us, my husband has cancer. When my husband has a bad day, they are there with a hug or lick as if to say, ” we understand, come, let us make your boo-boo all better”! Quite possibly they have extended the life of my husband. If attitude is 1/2 of cancer, as they say it is, then every cancer patient should have a dog.

  • Michelle says:

    Awwww cute post!!!

  • Elaine says:

    I had a pit bill (well bred) who taught me that I could be a good mother. I had been abused as a child.

  • Bryaker says:

    I agree with all of these 🙂 My dog is always there for me and so loveable

    Kinda ironic that this is on PETA’s website…. if you actually read their goals and objectives it specifies that there will be no pets……

  • ann says:

    Right, there’s no right time or right mood for cuddling. Our dogs volunteer to be cuddled more often than we can.

  • Yeo says:

    I know that my dogs love me unconditionally everytime they look deep into my eyes… with love.

  • Laura says:

    My dog is my valentine every day, because she is so much better then any human guy that i ever met

  • Dave says:

    My dog loves me unconditionally, honestly and with all her heart, a gift from her I am humbled by. She was a rescue dog, but she saved me as much as I did her.
    Thanks, great post 🙂

  • fajas colombianas says:

    Also one of the reasons why I choose my dog to be my valentines

  • Brett says:

    My dog is my Valentine, because no matter how bad my day has been she is always excited to see me and greets me with a hug and waggy tail. Which never fails to brighten my day.

  • Carrie and Licorice says:

    My dog was trained to be a seizure response dog for my son. Although his seizures now (after nine years with the dog) have decreased significantly, my dog still wants to work!! My son is only at my place now part time, and the dog now retired, stays with me full time, and has used her abilities to weed out potential suitors and people she doesn’t think is good for her family! LOL i trust my puppers instinct, and she has yet to steer me wrong… which is why i’m giving her steak tonight. Its hard to tell some days that she is almost 10 yrs old with her enthusiasm and tail wagging with her favorite people who have started to bring treats just for her when they visit me!
    Shes a black lab and has certainly earned her retirement!

  • Madeline says:

    Speak for yourself my dog is a terrible blanket hog.

  • Mel NSW says:

    My dog Jake was always my valentine as he would smile showing all his teeth everytime i came home and he gave the best snuggles. Sadly i lost him a few years ago to an enlarged heart. My valentine this year is my new Kitten Charlie who always runs to the front door as soon as he hears my keys in it and greats me with a meow everyday. Nothing can replace Jake as he was the most special dog i’ve ever come across but cats can make wonderful pets (valentines) also.

  • Kitty says:

    My dog is my valentine because she rescued me and has loved me unconditionally each day since then. She also makes me exercise and live right. And, Chris, this was a tribute to our dogs, nothing to do with milk, meat, etc. Thanks for letting me share.

  • Madwoman says:

    Love this! It applies to all of my doggies.

  • everydayathena says:

    I like the article – too bad I can’t share it on FB; there’s something wrong with the link…

  • chris says:

    true a dog is mans best friend,and some are treated poorly while others are treated very well.but that is not for me to decide,seeing a wrong doing i will step in,but i WILL NOT harass any body for what they do when working with animals.yes i have worked in meat packing plants,and i have seen crulity at its finest and when i saw that i made sure it was corrected,if a prod was used incorrectly i used mine on the offender and asked how do you like that! milk cows, we tried to give them the best we could offer and being a cattle farmer is’t easy. and I eat meat, I hunt my own food,if it is not a clean kill i do all i can to end the to all you peta people keep doing what you think is best but before you start pointing fingers and having your little rants come take a walk on the other side of the fence out in the country with a farmer or in the wilds with a hunter or maybe just a walk in the woods to watch mother nature then we can talk

  • Jessy says:

    my dog is my valentine because he´s the most wonderful living thing

  • Karen says:

    I have 7 dogs. All rescues.
    One of them was being used as a breeder in a puppy mill. Another one I rescued from the back yard of a drug dealer who had left him locked in a cage in the dead of a Canadian winter.
    The lives they live now are vastly different from what could have been. People often hear stories about my pets and think I’m some sort of hero, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m simply a human being who loves animals. And sometimes I’ll look into my pets’ eyes and think that they are my heroes. I give them food and shelter and walks everyday, and in exchange, I have the unconditional love of 7 beautiful creatures. I have great friends and a wonderful family, but the only time I feel truly at peace is when I’m at home with my furkids, watching tv and lounging on the couch. My pets are the best things in my life and I feel so privileged to be able to provide them with love and affection every single day. Happy Valentines Day!

  • ms.campbell21 says:

    This is so sweet. Having your puppy as your Valentine is the perfect treat. Spend tim with the one you love the one that deserves you as his valentine.

  • Kiki Kikikins says:

    Awww! Great post! And what beautiful dogs! I just want to snuggle w/ that last one.

  • Maria says:

    Don’t buy! Go to a shelter

  • JanieP says:

    My dogs are my valentines!!! Sweetest men in the world!

  • Valentine says:

    My dog is my Valentine because my boyfriend never apologized when he hurted me, and my dog always does (: ♥

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    I have no words to explain this beautiful friendship ! Its beautiful and purest form of friendship ! Hats off to it

  • Aditi says:

    when aftr a long while i go bck home..nobody on earth gets that happy seeing me..i can spend the eternity seeing that expression of my baby Tipsy..

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    I have no words to express my feelings..except that I agree with each word said above. Indeed a dog is unquestionably man’s best friend, no doubt on that !

  • Kara says:

    I recently lost my 15 year old dog…it’s the first v day in 15 years that I’ve felt lonely. I miss him more than I ever have any man.

  • Katja Frizzera says:

    I love my dogs because they are lend a paw whenever I need one.
    I love my dogs because they give without expecting anything in return.
    I love my dogs beacause they live to see me happy.

  • Shetall ramsinghani says:

    Early morning kiss by my dog makes my day joyous..