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Featured Cruelty-Free Company: Seventh Generation

The Iroquois people believed that it was necessary to consider the effects that their decisions would have on the next seven generations—a philosophy that cruelty-free company Seventh Generation applies to its detergents, cleansers, paper products, and other household products.

Seventh Generation, the nation’s leading brand of nontoxic and environmentally safe household products, has been on PETA’s list of companies that don’t conduct cruel animal tests since 1996. “[W]e hold in our hands the template, the model, and the guidelines for fundamental and positive change,” Seventh Generation President Jeffrey Hollender said. “All of us at Seventh Generation are proud of the work we’ve done ….”

Hollender’s vision began when he acquired Renew America, a small environmental organization that published a catalog of energy-conservation products. The project blossomed into Seventh Generation, which has become the fastest-growing brand of natural home products. Seventh Generation has received more than 15 awards recognizing the company’s environmental awareness.

Hollender speaks internationally on social and environmental responsibility and is the author of How to Make the World a Better Place: A Guide to Doing Good and 2004′s What Matters Most. He works with the Community Capital Bank, the Council on Economic Priorities, the Rainforest Foundation USA, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, and the advisory board of the Chlorine Free Products Association.

PETA salutes Seventh Generation for giving people the opportunity to preserve the planet and protect all its inhabitants by purchasing its eco- and animal-friendly products.

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