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Great Cruelty-Free Finds for Guys

After getting married, guy-specific personal-care items started showing up in my girly shower and bathroom. Areas that used to be dominated by things like pink razors and butter-cream-frosting–scented everything now shared the space with silver and blue things with the italics “for men” emblazoned across them. I haven’t quite figured out what this “for men” product labeling is all about, as my guy uses my products and is still alive. However, I have noticed that most products that are labeled “for men” all have a very similar scent, and it’s often accompanied by an outrageous name. No matter if they are called “Raging Arctic Waters” or “Techno Sauna Woodland Blast,” to me, they all tend to smell the same. This makes me think that it must all get a little monotonous for guys. So, whether you are a guy or shopping for a guy, we have outlined some cruelty-free finds that work great for guys and don’t have that characteristic “for men” smell. They all also do not have any overpowering floral notes or scents reminiscent of butter-cream frosting or cotton candy.

Figs and Leaves Soap by LUSH
This soap has a classic clean smell and leaves your skin subtly moisturized. As the bar of soap wears down, bits of fig seeds poke through to help exfoliate the skin.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief Sudsing Shower Scrub by Bath and Body Works
It’s great for when you are stressed or fighting off a cold or a hangover as well as for massaging sore muscles after going to the gym. The therapeutic eucalyptus and spearmint mix with the steam of your shower and melt the day’s stress away. The sudsing action mixed with the exfoliating scrub leaves your skin feeling clean and relaxed.

Tea Tree Oil Deodorant by Desert Essence
If you prefer a deodorant over an anti-perspirant, this natural formula provides long-lasting protection. With a clean, fresh fragrance, Tea Tree oil naturally fights bacteria that can cause odor. This deodorant is also clear on the skin.

Kiss My Face Cool Mint Moisture Shave
A bottle of Kiss My Face Moisture Shave seems to last for weeks, making it an exceptional value. It is also of exceptional value for your face. Mint Moisture Shave is rich in moisturizing oils and also antiseptic and styptic properties, with plant extracts from peppermint, goldenseal, lady’s mantle, and arnica.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo
If your scalp is feeling a bit itchy or dry, try this botanical-based rescue shampoo.

Jason Natural Citrus 6-in-1 Face Wash and Scrub
This mild facial scrub exfoliates and helps prevent clogged pores, blackheads, and ingrown beard hairs. Plus, it smells like fresh citrus.

Yes to Cucumbers Hydrating Face Lotion
If you have skin that tends to be dry, try hydrating your face with organic cucumbers, aloe vera, and Dead Sea minerals. This light moisturizer absorbs quickly and has a very light, crisp scent.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
For the minimalist, try some of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap With 18 uses, you can use this stuff for just about anything. It’s gentle enough to use on your hair and skin, but you can also use it for household chores. Tell us about your favorite products for guys!

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  • ZOL says:


  • Laura says:

    Avon makes a lot of different products especially for men, which my husband, dad, AND granddad all use and love. And Avon doesn’t test on animals!

  • Jamie Rivet says:

    Danny raises a good point: I’m in Toronto, but my friends/family are all in small towns- hard to find the stuff I always go on about. And there is the convenience issue- don’t want to do multiple trips. I think the only solution here is for animals rights people to ask the grocer in person to carry a certain product/brand. Assure them that you’ll buy it, and maybe they’ll stock it.
    If you are USA, Jason is a good place to start. Nature Clean, Green Beaver for us Canadians.

  • Nathan says:


    Target is a great resource for non-animal tested guy-friendly stuff. Everyman Jack has a full skin-and-hair care brand (shaving, facial care, bodycare, and etcetera). They also have a bath care area that is populated with a lot of vegan product brands (Dr. Bronner’s, Boots, Soap and Glory). They carry Tom’s of Maine products, and got2b hair, which is also a vegan line. I am not sure which “non-metro” you live in, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas.

  • Danny says:

    Hey how about some stuff we can get at the grocery store. Some of us do not have the time to go all over to find just, soap, toothpaste, deo and razors. So please think common brands for us non-metro people.

  • Mylie says:

    Hi Megan! 🙂 This question comes up a lot, so I am going to repost my reply from another post:

    Bath and Body Works does not test on animals. After the animal testing statement was re-worded on Bath & Body Works’ products, PETA received a new signed statement of assurance reconfirming that it does not conduct or commission animal testing of its products or ingredients.

    This “This final product not tested on animals” language the company states on its products is written to meet language requirements in England. The company sells products in the U.S. and U.K. and uses the same packaging in both countries. Because most ingredients have been tested on animals by someone at some time in the past, England does not allow a company to state “no animal testing” or language to that effect on its products, even if it has not conducted animal testing of ingredients.

  • Mylie says:

    White Rain is awesome–especially in these tough financial times when lots of people are working out budgets.

    It is available just about anywhere these days and can even be found in most dollar stores. Here is their store locator:

  • Julian says:

    All right! A post just for the guys! I keep getting psyched up for posts on shoes and stuff, then see it’s all heels and pumps. Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of men who can rock a great pair of heels–but that guy just ain’t me. 🙂

    But I digress.

    Being the rather simple creature that I am, I’m going to have to give another recommendation for White Rain’s product line, especially their shampoos and body washes. Very affordable, very good for your basic hygiene needs. (Fancier or more style-conscious guys might prefer something a little more upscale, though.)

  • megan says:

    Hi, its great to find products for guys that aren’t tested on animals. I have a question though. I was under the impression that the ingredients used in Bath and Body works products were tested on animals, and only the finished product was not. Is this true? I used Bath and Body products for a long time, and I really like them. I would love to know that I can use their products with a clear conscience. Thanks.

  • Jamie says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Green Beaver (Canada)– vegan, cruelty free, super-high quality. All sorts of products, just look at their website (I trust you know how to Google “green beaver”).

  • Lianne says:

    I’d just like to say that I love LUSH soaps and I think that a real man should be able to admit that he does too. Bravo, Nathan. And great post, Mylie!

  • Nathan says:

    The fig soap from Lush is awesome. I live in Seattle not far from a Lush store, so I checked it out. It is a great soap that wasn’t trademark scented of Axe or some nonsense. I am a big fan of Jack Black, Jonathan Hair products are vegan-friendly (even labeled as such on some) and have good styling options for guys. You just have to man-up and go to Sephora to get them. Nice post.