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Gimme Cruelty-Free and UV, Baby!

This article was written by former PETA intern Jared Misner.

Having grown up in Florida, I like to say we have one season there: hot.

Besides those few days in January when the temperature teases us into wearing sweaters, our beaches are all too inviting. We have our very own sugar-white sandbox dotted with palms, dolphin sightings, and a supply of nearly endless sunshine.

No, it’s never snowed in my hometown on Christmas. I’ve never ridden a toboggan down my street. And the thought of ice skating is laughable. But after living in the Sunshine State for more than 20 years, sunscreen and I have become close personal friends.

We know how to sunbathe in Florida better than most. Who else has pool parties in October? With summer in full swing now, let a true Floridian give you the lowdown on how to save animals while saving your skin with these sunscreens that are not tested on animals.

Alba: I really like green tea. And I really like tans. So, naturally, Alba’s cruelty-free green-tea sunscreen tops my list. Combining aloe vera with green-tea antioxidants and SPF 45, this sunscreen packs a serious party for your skin.

Nature’s Gate: I call this the ultimate feel-good suntan brand. Not only does Nature’s Gate offer an entire line of cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, the company also partners with WaterAid in an ongoing effort to provide clean water to developing nations. Soak up the sun with this brand and know that your dollars are well spent.

These are just two of my favorite brands for summer sun-kissed fun. Here’s a list of some other cruelty-free sunscreens. Enjoy that summer living:

Did I mention your favorite brand of cruelty-free sunscreen? Add to the list in the comment section!

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  • Katherine says:

    Another great sunscreen (and product line!) is Arbonne- they have a baby formula, and a suncare line for the whole family. Not to mention all the other great products. Check them out!

  • Melissa says:

    Patti- Aveeno, Hawaiin Tropic, and Banana Boat are all tested on animals. Sorry. I use Burt’s Bees and Badger. I wasn’t aware that NO- AD is cruelty free. That’s awesome!

  • Paula Santos says:


  • Patti says:

    What about Aveeno, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic and Family Care?

  • Livi says:

    I want to be cruelty-free, but I am highly allergic to all sunscreens I have tried except for Nutrogena. HELLLLLLP!!!!!

  • Mel says:

    i really like “green beaver” products! they have some great sunscreens even for kids! and lets not forget that its 100% vegan!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    block the sun.

  • Sylvie says:

    I think WELEDA is cruelty free, and their sunscreen is very efficient, even if a little bit too “greasy”

  • Bellucci says:

    I found in Spain a cruelty free company (no rabbit symbol but they say so clearly on the packages)Called Deliplus. They have a wide range of cosmetics and with it a wide range of lovely sun screen products. They are also very cheap!

  • sugaree says:

    One of my favorites is Kiss My Face SPF 30 with oat protein.

  • Elle says:

    Arbonne – Childrens & adult sunscreens are cruelty free – never tested any products on animals from the start of the company over 32 years ago. I’m happy to provide more info

  • hjenn says:

    SCORE with the no-ad. I have been using it forever because I am a cheapo and it does an awesome job and it is the only sunscreen that does not irritate my little boys face

  • Rashomi says:

    I’m from Sri Lanka and being a tropical country a decent sunscreen is a must through out the year. Only available sunscreen you’d find here is Neutrogena and Nivea. I understand that Neutrogena (or atleast there parent company Jonson and Jonson) are not cruelty free. I’d like to know, if I can order any of the sunblocks mentioned here, I don’t mind even if I have to pay bit more, so long as I know my hard earned money don’t go to some God forsaken animal testing company. Is sotheys cruelty free, I didn’t see there name in either of list?

  • Ash says:

    I use this stuff and im a teen.its great for skin

  • Debbie W says:

    I LOVE DeVita Solar Body Block 30 (available at Whole Foods, but I order mine cheaper at It goes on so smooth for a sunblock that I don’t even feel like I am wearing any. It just feels like regular lotion! They have facial stuff, too which is also excellent.

  • Rebecca says:

    I personally love California Baby’s Sunscreen it is cruelty free, it ranks as a 1-2 on Beauty without Cruelty’s website, is great for sensitive skin, also great for babies, kids, and adults. What is there to not love?

  • Karli says:

    But, I’d like to add, the best, most cruelty-free, most natural UV protection is shade, by means of clothes/hats or a tree!

  • Karli says:

    I lovelovelove Badger sunscreens. They’re all-natural (just zinc oxide, natural oils like jojoba, and plant extracts. No petrochemicals.)

  • PsycSara says:

    I’m loving Soleo Organics! It’s a physical, cruelty free sunscreen that doesn’t turn your face white!

  • shannon says:

    @Darla, if you go on Peta’s list of companies that DO test on animals, Neutrogena is right on it. They are owned by Johnston and Johnston which is one of the worst.

  • shannon says:

    I do not believe Neutrogena is cruelty free…..

  • Bobbie says:

    Neutrogena cruelty free? Please check the list of companies that do test on animals.

  • Jenny says:

    Also, Neutrogena and Banana Boat are NOT cruelty free. You can verify that on this website.

  • Jenny says:

    Sadly, most of these are EXTREMELY toxic, not only to you, but to the animals in the water you are swimming in. Not really cruelty free if you ask me… Badger Sunscreen is the absolute best! It’s very safe for you AND the environment, plus it’s cruelty free (: And it’s tried and true stuff. Check out their site:
    Check out ALL your cosmetics to make sure they are safe here:

  • Deb says:

    Aubrey Organics!

  • Amy says:


  • darla says:

    Neutrogena has always been cruelty free. Also Banana Boat, I believe. Maybe not as all-natural as some, but easily found.

  • kym says:

    kiss my face suncreen is a goodie too. it’s cruelty free and also paraben-and-other-nastiness-free

  • Michael says:

    ARRGH! But I am pale as it is, I have yet to find a natural sunscreen that doesn’t turn me even more ghostly!

  • Lauren says:

    Ehem here in California- we have pool parties in November also 😉
    ANyways, this is great and im going to go hunt for it! 😀

  • Birdie says:

    Woah! Ocean Potion’s cruelty-free!?! I’ve been using that since what… 2004?that was before I was vegan! Jen, you should be able to find Ocean Potion or JASON in Canada. It’s here in Japan.

  • Jen M. says:

    Great information! Any idea if any of these sunscreens are sold in Canada and where I might be able to get them?

  • kathy says:

    I’m currently alternating between Pratima Neem sunscreen and BurnOut. I believe those are cruelty free. UV Natural is great protection too but the consistency is very thick. That may work for some people though.

  • Jocelyn says:

    I like using JASON, really good brand never burned using it yet!

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