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Cruelty-Free Beauty & Cosmetics

6 Cruelty-Free Products for Every Hair Type

No matter what kind of hair you have, this list contains products that will work wonders for you!

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Spring Beauty Essentials

Hello, spring! We hope you’re here to stay. We are refreshing our makeup kits to match your color palette!

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10 Essential Hemp Items

Is there anything hemp can’t do? Wear it, drink it, eat it, love it!

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15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies

These compassionate companies are some of the leading go-to brands for cruelty-free products.

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How Going Vegan Will Help You Look Younger ©

How Going Vegan Will Help You Look Younger

Not only do vegan foods help you stay healthy and live longer, they can also make you look younger! Find out how.

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6 Cold-Weather Beauty Must-Haves

When the chilly air rolls in, make sure you’ve got these cruelty-free beauty products in your bag!

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How to Get the Perfect Cruelty-Free Cat Eye (Video)

We’ll show you how to do a simple, cruelty-free cat eye!

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Fall 2013 Beauty Must-Haves

Fall is almost here, which means it’s time to stock up on all your favorite autumn beauty products. Check out our top picks for this season!

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How to Find Cruelty-Free Makeup in Your Area

Finding cruelty-free vegan makeup is easier than ever! Our simple guide will help you find popular cruelty-free brands in stores near you.

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8 Reasons Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Help Humans

These quotes from doctors and health-science experts provide compelling reasoning as to why testing on animals is both cruel and unnecessary.

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