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13 Eye-Opening Images of Animals in Labs

Written by PETA | April 16, 2015

The pain that animals face every day for product testing, crude curiosity-driven experiments, and deadly medical training exercises are completely horrifying and indefensible. Animals are not disposable laboratory tools, they are individuals just like us who want to be free and don’t want to be forced to endure lives of pain and terror. Take a look at the faces of animal testing and see why we should end experimentation on animals.

Rats and Mice

nude rat with tumors and a lesion on his side

Rats and mice are not even considered animals under the federal Animal Welfare Act, even though they make up approximately 95 percent of the animals suffering in labs.

Dogs and Cats

Beagle at PLRS

Animals, like this beagle, endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of workers at the North Carolina facility PLRS before a PETA undercover investigation prompted felony cruelty charges to be brought against employees at the facility, which closed its doors shortly after our footage was released.

Robert the Cat

In a crude experiment at the University of Utah, this cat, named Robert, had an electrode implanted into his brain.

Goats and Pigs


The US Department of Defense uses goats, pigs, and other animals for military training exercises, including some that involve live animals being hacked to pieces with tree trimmers.

Monkeys and Primates

Chimpanzees at SEMA

These two young chimpanzees were confined at SEMA, a notoriously cruel Maryland laboratory that PETA helped expose a quarter-century ago. Sadly, chimpanzees still suffer in cruel laboratory experiments at other laboratories.


Britches was torn away from his mother shortly after birth, had his eyes sewn shut by experimenters at the University of California–Riverside, and was left alone in a steel cage with a sonar device strapped to his head.

NIH Investigation: Baby Monkey Alone in Cage

Animal experimenters at the National Institutes of Health continue to perform pointless experiments on baby monkeys wherein the young are separated from their mothers and intentionally frightened.

Monkey at Weizmann Institute

Monkeys and cats are sometimes confined to restraint chairs during invasive neurological tests, like this one, who is shown at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Monkey at Covance 1

Monkey at Covance 2

These terrified monkeys are being prepped to have experimental chemicals forced up their noses by employees at Covance, a private laboratory that other companies pay to conduct tests on animals.

These monkeys are a few of the thousands of monkeys imprisoned at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, which was the subject of a PETA undercover investigation.


This rabbit had chemicals dripped into her eyes and rubbed on her bare skin in cruel product tests at a Biosearch laboratory.

Always check for PETA’s bunny logo or search our cruelty-free database to find out which companies do and which don’t test on animals.

YOU can help stop this cruelty. Take action to help end experimentation on animals TODAY!

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  • Tracy says:

    This totally breaks my heart. They are doing this to beings that give us unconditional love and this is how they get paid back!

  • Prapti says:

    This is terrible…I’ve always believed that researches and testings on animals is necessary & its okk if done by following proper ethical rules…but this made me think again…

  • Rosland Sherrod says:

    This cruelty is so heartbreaking and senseless.

  • Stephen says:

    Oh grow up everyone! If we didn’t experiment on animals like this how would we continue progress in the world! If we didn’t use these animals how would we test medicine and surgeries to see if they would work? Should we use them on humans instead? So instead of complaining on how this is so cruel think for once. If we didn’t test medicine on animals we wouldn’t have antibiotics or vaccines. So just know that without this many of you would be dead! How would we treat cancer or any newly active diseases without testing them? So quit your whining and know that this is how the world needs to function!

  • Lulu says:

    When God created man it was to take care of His creation, definately not to afflict pain and suffering. We will all have to answer for our actions.

  • Sofí says:

    Just awful. Shame on you, laboratories!

  • Brandy says:

    Let me tell you what kind of people work at these labs.I dated a guy who worked at one.I knew he worked there,but I did’nt know they used animals for research!!This guy was one of the most uncaring people I’ve ever met-emotionally cruel,bi-polar,a bully,haughty,controlling,arrogant,who had been seeing a psychiatrist and threatened my life.He made the comment”Animals are beneath us.That’s what they are here for(research),everyone at the school knows that!”This particular school is University of Louisville in Louisvile,Ky.They experiment on all kinds of animals.They have a big medical and dental research building there and I believe are expanding it.He told me about a batch of kittens “slated for death the next day” and of crocodiles there and the pigs he so boldly boasted of cutting up.He took me to his lab to show me pig eyeballs.One time I remember seeing all the big silver barred animal cages in a hallway.There were a lot!He told me he laughed when playing with brains.He was very cold and callous when mentioning these things.I was appalled and shocked.I’ll never look at U of L the same again and you can imagine what I think of him.

  • Heather bullock says:

    Absolute shame. I’m speechless

  • Lorraine says:

    Horrific cruelty… seems never ending. Tremendously distressing to look at even more to suffer it. Please print the names of companies who use these tests

  • Jacquie says:

    How arrogant of we humans to think inflicting these horrors will advance our species.

  • Ana Martinez says:

    We have to do something about this…This is so sad, and dissapointing that we allow this to go on…

  • Rosalinda says:

    Somebody should put some big bolts and screws in their head! And see if they have any brain activity going on! Doesn’t seem like it. Also, a EKG test would be necessary, it doesn’t seem like those people have a heart. I hate people that torture animals! Hopefully one day they will have to pay for that…

  • shannon ong says:

    Why will anyone want to work in such a cruel environment :'(

  • Cristina Cruz says:

    Unbelievable…I don’t understand what kind of people would want to work in an enviroment where you spend your day inflicting and torturing innocent animals. How can they live with themselves.How can they go home at the end of the day and face their families, and their pets, without feeling guilt and remorse.Can they not see,hear and feel the pain of these animals.I see only the photographs, and I could feel the pain of these tortured,frightened, souls.I was afraid to scroll down to see the next picture.By the second photograph,I was already crying.Half way,I was feeling sick.I thought any more and I’d get physically sick.I thought if these people that work at these lavatories….What excuse do they tell themselves so that they live with themselves?”In the name of sciece” isn’t a good enough excuse to be able to sleep at nite.Animals are “furry children.” No one has the rite to torture children.

  • anny says:

    Terrifying..stop this cruelty immediately
    Pleases release the names of companies involved in this ..I will stop buying any of these companies and their supply chains as well.

  • Eva says:

    How can we stop this. How can we make people see that animal testing is unnecessary and most of all cruel. These people are depriving these animals their freedom.

    How can we stop this and save these poor souls??????? How??
    I am heartbroken.

  • Julz says:


  • Manorama singh says:

    oh my god….. its so cruel….!!!! Human ll never understand the pain untill unless they go through it.

  • Jenny Buitenhuis says:

    Come on people where are your hearths and love for others. Stop this cruelty, all what you do bad comes back to you, Think about hurting an animal or testing because you don’t know how is coming back to you

  • elisa says:

    peta & othets please NEVER stop ♡♥ What nsaddens me most, as the one pic stated…they’ve been fighting for decades…and it still happening. What is going to take?

  • preeti gupta says:

    ohh my god !! its so painful !! please let them live happily,you sick people !!1

  • Yvette says:

    This is so very wrong. we all of us need to make it stop.

  • Kate says:

    Fanny I understand where your coming from however this abuse is disgusting!!!!! If we want to do these trials than use humans.. If I had terminal cancer I would trial something to benefit others and if that meant suffering or possible death, it’s not like I’d have anything to loose and at least it would be my choice… I wouldn’t want the cure if it was developed from torturing innocent animals.

  • Lekha says:

    OMG this is really heart breaking my heart goes out to these little creatures we need to stop this I wish there was some way in Hell we could help all these little babies…. Sometimes we wonder why god gave us brains to Misuse it in such HORRIBLE activites ….

  • Petra Bacho says:

    Niemand auf der Welt hat das Recht einem Tier so etwas anzutun. Das ist bestialisch und unmenschlich. STOP THAT

  • Lorrie Lee Hust says:

    Fanny… The answer to ur question, is to test it on urself, or, any volunteer who wants to be subjected to the cruelty, pain, &, sadistic experiments that these scientists endure on others! I sometimes believe that some scientists, just want to do experiments on whatever they can get their hands on just to keep their job! The other answer is to find a new job! One that protects, “Our Father Earth, &, Our Blessed Mother Nature!!!

  • Sunny says:

    PLEASE, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT. Use dead things to experiment. Stop torturing these defenseless animals. How can you sleep at night< you need mental help

  • Tiffany says:

    This is so disgusting and sad. Humans are so f**ked up. 🙁 I only wish one person could really change it all, and it’s impossible to not contribute in one way or another. 99% of these stupid companies are tainted.

  • Greg says:

    None of this is necessary!

  • Chris Schmidt says:

    times are difficult for many people…send one or two dollars to Peta if one thousand of us send that it will help Peta continue to expose this cruelty to animals

  • Hannah says:

    Nothing short of psychopathic. Call it what you like (research or whatever) but the truth is heinous crimes against non-human animals, a holocaust. Evil and a living hell for these poor beings.

  • Phyllis McLenon says:

    It still comes down to one question..Can it suffer? Then do no harm…there really is no excuse or cause for this..any comment to the contrary…is a lie.

  • Milind says:

    I work in cancer research and i agree this is horrible,but do we have an alternative?As of now none,the in vitro alternative mentioned above do not really work wen it comes to comparing the whole body research/effects…

    And on a another note it would be interesting to know the ppl who consider this wrong but having animals on their plates is considered normal.Science atleast has some form and guidelines on ethics…

  • tinkiebel says:

    This is not normal. That human can do that to those poor animals! That’s sick!!!!!!

  • carolyn watson says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I will never forget the images of these innocent and tortured souls. Sick.

  • anja says:

    I know what you all can do! STOP buying beauty products, chemicals and all the other products that are tested on animals. those test’s are being done because you people keep on buying their stuff!

  • pwgrand says:

    They are the slaves of our empire…Even the old romans believed they could control the slaves till spartacus teached them a lesson..Difference is here…these animals are helpless..They have no fair chance..and we as humans have no honor at all anymore. If my time has come , I have to accept it I dont want any drug even it will heal me, where a helpless one died in pain for it. It matters not if animal or human.

  • loxodonta says:

    Humans have to do better than this. We have to figure out a way to serve our commercial/vanity needs without causing suffering to fellow beings.

  • nana9194 says:

    I am increasing appaled at the cruelty show by humans to animals. I cant donate at this time but really appreciate that you keep us informed

  • Nellie Lilly says:

    People are so cruel,the poor animals are in such pain. It brings tears to my eyes. Can someone stop this horrible torture? I hope & pray that it is stopped soon.

  • Christina says:

    I cannot even believe that ppl are still doing this. I am disgusted and horrified. These ppl are despicable humans, and should be punished for doing this. Something needs to stop this, it is wrong on so many levels.

  • Fanny says:

    I am a scientist ( doing my pHD) working on cancer research. I am torn apart. Because, in some way, the products we’re making must be tested prior to human administration. unless, someone volunteers.
    But seeing this is unbelievable. But does someone have a solution? How can we test the drug we’re making to improve human conditions?

  • alana says:

    this is unreal talk about cruelity this is it STOP THIS THE POOR ANIMALS SHOULD NOT USED FOR THIS STOP STOP STOP

  • Cristen says:

    This must be forbidden in the USA.

  • Carlos Saenz says:


  • lola thibodeau says:

    Stop please….please

  • matthias köni says:

    please stop that…

  • sumiet patole says:

    how un human…….. is this.
    really so painful to see this sight.
    all these animals should be saved…… and people who are doing this with these animals should be treated in same way they are doing with these poor animals