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Shareholder Campaign: PPG Industries

Shareholder Campaign: PPG Industries

PPG Industries is a leading diversified manufacturer that markets a wide range of products and services, including industrial chemicals, sealants, adhesives, and fiberglass. Most of the animal testing at PPG is conducted by the company’s chemical division, either voluntarily or as part of government-sponsored testing programs, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s high production volume (HPV) chemical-testing program. The animal protection community considered PPG to be a serious corporate offender in the HPV chemical-testing program because it attempted to hide its identity while proposing to kill large numbers of animals in toxicity tests.

2004 Resolution: ‘Give the Animals 5′

With the help of PETA supporters who held stock in PPG, a resolution was filed in the fall of 2003, calling on the company to “Give the Animals 5“—replace five crude and cruel animal tests with state-of-the-art and scientifically valid non-animal methods that were already in use in other countries.

PPG opposed our resolution and sought permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to exclude our resolution from its proxy statement, arguing that it dealt with ordinary business matters that are not subject to a vote by stockholders. Regrettably, the SEC staff concurred with PPG’s arguments, and PETA’s resolution did not appear in PPG’s proxy materials that year.