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The Pirates of the Carob Bean

Join Nugget and his two best friends on a pirate-themed adventure as they search for the magical “Golden Tofu.” The treasure will turn all who eat it into vegetarians.

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KKK or AKC? Spot the Difference

Are we talking about the Ku Klux Klan or the American Kennel Club? Take our quiz to see if you can spot the difference.

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Snowball Fight

Help make the holidays safe for animals by fighting back against notorious animal abusers—with snowballs, of course! Master all four levels by throwing snowballs at PETA foes such as …

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Breasts, Not Animal Tests!

Breasts or bunnies? Which will lead to the cure for breast cancer? Test your knowledge with the game brought to you by Keep A Breast and peta2.

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Dress Up the Trollsens

Hairy-Kate and Trashley have blood on their hands from wearing fatal fashions. Play dress up to find out who their accessories once were, and help us encourage them to …

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Super Chick Sisters

Pamela Anderson has been kidnapped after revealing to the world that KFC’s secret recipe is cruelty to chickens. Join Nugget and Chickette as they fight to rescue her from …

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Bloody Burberry: The Fur Fighters

Plaid has gone bad. Pick your favorite fur avenger and make your way into Burberry’s headquarters to let the company know exactly why fur is cruel.

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Commando Chicks: Stick-a-Chick Game

Step into Commando Chicks’ combat boots and try your hand at stickering chickens!

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How Green Is My Diet?

Use PETA’s new carbon calculator widget to determine how much a change in your diet could change your impact on the environment.

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Lobster Liberation

Watch out for cars, snakes, and poisonous water while you help this lobster cross the street and river to reach freedom. Play Lobster Liberation now.

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Revenge of the PETA Tomatoes

Seeing red over the torment of animals killed for their skins? Blow off some steam and test your aim by tossing tomatoes at slow-moving, dull-witted fur-wearers.

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