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PETA Launches ‘You Decide’ Ad Campaign

Because the California courts are allowing the CMAB to lie to consumers, we are taking the cows’ case to the streets, the skies, and the airwaves with a series of “You Decide” demonstrations, billboards, and television ads aimed at exposing the cruel reality of California’s dairy industry.

PETA hit the streets of California with wearable “body screen” televisions, showing graphic footage from California’s dairy farms and huge 7-square-foot photo panels showing haunting photographs of California’s cruel dairy industry with the simple tagline “You decide.”

We will be airing our “You Decide” television ad on stations throughout California. The 30-second ad shows the stark contrast between how the CMAB portrays the life of dairy cows and the sad reality—that weak, infected cows live in filthy, concrete lots, have their babies stolen from them within moments of birth, and are slaughtered, often while completely conscious.

As part of our advertising blitz, we also ran a new billboard throughout California that shows a graphic image from a dairy farm with the tagline “You Decide” and directs viewers to log their vote on this Web site.

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