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It’s Tax Season: Learn How More Than $12 Billion in Taxpayer Money Is Wasted Annually

It’s tax season again. And whether you’re getting a return or owe Uncle Sam this year, you might not know where your money is going during tax season and beyond. Did you know that billions and billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being wasted annually to pay for cruel experiments on animals in laboratories? We put together this handy infographic so that you can see what your hard-earned money may be funding.

Help the 100 million animals who are tortured and killed in experiments every year by taking a stand now!

Share this infographic with your friends, family, and coworkers on Facebook and encourage them to do the same. Then help end this cruelty once and for all by urging your representative and senators in Congress to divert public money from cruel animal experiments into non-animal research.

Remember: You are the only voice that these suffering animals have!