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Seven Valentine’s Day Videos to ‘Put You in the Mood’

Not sure what to do this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got some tips. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, here are seven videos that’ll help make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Stay Firm and Fresh

PETA U.K. shares some essential advice: To stay firm and fresh, eat compassionately.

Meat Can Cause Impotence, So Don’t Eat It

Make sure that you can deliver the “sausage.”

Hey, Boyfriends, Go Vegan

Be safe this Valentine’s Day.

Indulge in Some ‘Veggie Love’

These ladies really love their veggiesReally.

Listen to Dr. Drew

What’s Valentine’s Day without some advice from Dr. Drew?

Spay and Neuter, or Else

Remember, dogs and cats can’t use condoms.

Protect the Family Jewels for Your Wedding Day

The greatest gift of all.

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