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Rich Christensen Tells Fans, ‘Chains Are for Crankshafts, Not Dogs’

Speed TV’s Rich Christensen has never pulled any punches on his hit drag-racing show Pinks, and he doesn’t pull any punches in his public service announcement (PSA) for PETA either. As far as Rich is concerned, chains belong on your crankshaft, not on your dog.

In his inimitable, no-nonsense style, Rich declares, “Life on the end of a chain is no life at all. So if you have to use a chain, use one on a child molester, rapist, or serial killer, and give the dogs a break.”

Millions of dogs live their entire lives—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—at the end of a chain. They get food when their owners remember to toss it out the back door. Entertainment options are limited to snapping at the flies who circle around their heads and gnawing on their chains while their “guardians” watch TV from the comfort of their couches.

What You Can Do

If you know of a “backyard dog” in your community, why not do what you can to make his or her life a little better? Learn more about the lives of chained and backyard dogs, and find out about more ways that you can help dogs in your community and beyond.