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Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab

For the dogs, cats, and rabbits inside Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS), the cruel poisoning tests were only part of the abuse.

  • Workers kicked, dragged, and cursed at dogs and violently slammed cats into cages.
  • Dogs were deliberately kept infested with worms for months at a time even when no tests required it.
  • PETA’s investigator was instructed not to report numerous dogs’ red, raw sores to the lab’s veterinarian—who only visited the laboratory once a week. Bloody diarrhea, skin conditions, worm infestations, oozing sores, abscessed teeth, and pus- and blood-filled infections on ears went untreated or were ineffectively handled by workers who had no veterinary training or credentials.
  • PLRS operated a side business raising and selling ticks and attached thousands of ticks onto rabbits’ shaved bodies to allow the ticks to gorge for five days. Many rabbits were subjected to this twice and were then killed. Non-animal methods for raising ticks have been available since the mid-’90s. Other rabbits were held over thousands of mosquitoes, who fed on the animals and sucked blood from their shaved backs for 15 minutes a day for up to five days.
  • Workers cleaned the bottoms of rabbit cages by vigorously shaking the cage floors up and down—with the rabbits still inside. According to what PETA’s investigator was told, this caused at least two rabbits’ feet to be completely severed. The investigator asked her supervisor if the employee was disciplined for dismembering a rabbit and was told, “No, but don’t clock in late, then you will get in trouble.”
  • A supervisor who killed rabbits by injecting a solution into their hearts admitted, “I’m not really … good at this.”
  • A supervisor pulled a tooth from a dog who had been inadequately sedated with an expired drug. As the supervisor yanked at the tooth, the dog kicked and shook.

Dogs were so traumatized from living locked up for months—and sometimes years—without affection, enrichment, companionship, exercise, or even an occasional kind word, they circled and paced continuously.

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  • Jai Baska says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with humanity. I cannot even believe people could be so heartless and cruel. Not only with lab experiments, but also what goes on with factory farming. The images I have seen of the sheer cruelty, neglect and intentional abuse has traumatized me, and has changed my opinion of us as a human race. What gives us the right to do this? Is it okay because these animals can’t speak? NO! it’s not ok! They feel the same hurt we do. Experience the same emotions we do.
    I would like to reverse the roles and put these sick people in these cages and let them feel the pain these poor creatures feel.
    I am a vegetarian and would NEVER eat meat again.
    I believe in karma and what these people do will come back to haunt them, and they deserve it!

  • Gary Allen says:

    I am totally against animal testing for anything! I can’t believe people and companies still do this. Where do they get thses horrible people that staff these places. The products should be tested on them after all the products are used by people and yes they should be kept in cages. The veterinarians that work for these places should be ashamed of themselves for idlely letting cruelty and abuse to animals happen around them. If you ask me thses vets are a disgrace to the profession.

  • pat says:

    These people in the labs should be treated like these animals, lets lock them in a swamped in a cage, let bugs bite them give , give the diseases. Theses products were tested years ago and none of them need to be changed. No dog ir cat of a good family is forced to have thousands of ticks bite them. Good parents put on K9 advantix…
    I am sickened by what i see in these investigations.. the labs and the abusers should be stopped sooner.
    Enough …there is a lack of compasion the is frightening in the world today.

  • pamela bandita says:

    I,am really schocked at what I,ve seen here,or maybe I should not be!people are really cruel and heartless an will always be that way.ALL them workers from the littlest person on the totem pole to the owner should be locked away.when people are in formed gangs or comit crimes we call for them to be locked up why should this be any different only difference i see is that we should be allowed to treat them in the same exact matter as they are not even human.

  • Ellie says:

    Why do we always ascribe these documented atrocities to “this or that LAB/UNIVERSITY”. Why do we not ascribe at least some responsibility to the scientists who run these cruel experiments? Do they not have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that all animal protection laws and best practices are observed at all times? In many cases, they clearly don’t care and don’t bother. These “professionals” make a handsome living off the pain and suffering of helpless, imprisoned animals.
    As long as the money train continues to run, these medical folks and scientists will continue to profit from it, at the expense of animals, not to mention at the expense, in many cases, of us taxpayers. They hire people to “care” for the poor animals at the lowest possible cost. Clearly, there is no formal training and no capable person oversees the level of “care” these animals receive. The animals are dispensable nothings…a meal ticket for those who use them so cruelly. While the caretakers are the ones often caught abusing the animals, it is the professionals who so mame these poor fur kids, subjecting them to incredible horrors and then turning them over to the abusive caretakers for yet more abuse and suffering. What a sick world we live in! Particularly when we realize that most of the so-called “data” derived from these cruel experiments, cannot be extrapolated to human beings, with any degree of accuracy. So, what’s the point? What’s the justification? In my humble opinion, there is no justification for such treatment of any living creature…not for food, not for pharmaceuticals, not for the cosmetic industry and not for any other industry. However, this being the USA, this pathetic testing is the LEGAL way big pharma and other big industries avoid lawsuits…through generally worthless testing on animals who have no voice in the matter.
    Lambast your congressmen/women on this topic till the cows comes home. LITERALLY! So much reform is needed it’s unreal. Today is as good a place to start as any. Do whatever you can. Speak from your experiences, your heart, your emotions, your outrage or whatever else you can effectively speak from, on behalf of all the animals languishing in absolute misery and terror, with no voice of their own, except the lonesome voice of their pain, which falls only upon deaf ears.

  • Tracey says:

    These people (if we can call them that) are heartless cruel individuals whom need allot of the same punishment. They will inturn be under the ruler of all animals. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab says:

    No es suficiente con todos los productos que existen en el mercado como para continuar este inùtil masacro de seres vivos?? Los animales son afidadados a nosotros para vivir en PAZ y ARMONìA, NO para destruirlos!! Gracias

  • Shelley Ryder says:

    Researchers in Labs don’t care about animals otherwise they wouldn’t have taken on such roles.

  • Joan M says:

    Most definitely there should be a maximum punishment for anyone including those working at PLRS for treating any animal no matter what the species in a harmful or cruel manner. In fact, these organizations should be banned from even having animals in their posession. This must stop and these animals should be treated with kindness and those that are involved need to be fined/jailed.

  • Rosie Veliz says:

    Am thinking… why we do it the same things with her???? and the other people, maybe works, maybe they fells that animals feels, this make me sick and angry…. Some people the United State is the same thing that the other countries…. =0( feel so sad…. RESPECT THE LIfe!!! fell so bad

  • Florencia says:

    No comprendo la crueldad hacia los indefensos animales, por Dios! no les enternece su mirada? solo quieren VIVIR por algo están conviviendo con nosotros en este planeta. Ojalá haya castigos más severos para esa gente. Gracias

  • Dora Luz says:

    She is a criminal, why blurry her face?, she is mentaly disturbed, she continue working in that place?…jail for her and all the criminals like her

  • Lindsay says:

    Absolutely sickening! Frightening isn’t it! Seeing how heartless some people can be to defenceless animals. How much more cruel can they be to their fellow human beings. Prosecute them, lock them in jail and throw away the key. That’s what they deserve. May God have mercy on those poor little animals.

  • Sandy Molina says:

    Karma, what comes round goes around.
    These people do not deserve the right to have their faces blurred out to protect their identity! What kind of sick person can abuse a poor and defenseless animal!

  • Olga and Katrina says:

    You should reveal the identities of these monsters who torture animals. Why are they always blurred?
    They have to be punished completely for what they have done.
    We always will support Peta and their fight against animal cruelty.

  • sunshinegirl says:

    I will never understand the heart of these persons. Must be a dark, dreary one! I hope they get the maximum punishment but their end of life punishment may be far worse. I would hate to have to answer to God about mistreating His creatures like this. I will continue to do what I can to promote animal advocacy.

  • Hank Whipple says:

    Soon enough, what goes around comes around, especially for the stupid female whose face is out of focus. She will get her face kicked in very soon too. That is what happens to all these type of idiots in our sick world, and it will happen to her as soon as she least expects it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “She is not innocent and deserves no protection from being seen for who she is.” I hope she is FULLY aware that she was filmed. She should be scared to step outside for fear someone will recognize her for the a$$hole she is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m almost speechless at the depth of suffering these morons have caused these poor animals. These animals didn’t ask to be born, especially born to be tortured by disgusting pathetic people like these – and why smudge out the her face – why not let it be seen. She’s done wrong and deserves what she gets.

  • Anonymous says:

    I cold’nt watch the videos the descriptions of what were going on was enough. I am heart broken to think of these beautiful and intelligent creatures being abused in every sense of the word on a daily basis. The offenders who work in these places are truly evil, how dare they think that this is ok, to terrorise and torture these helpless animals. They have no voice, no love, no care, just eternal horror and torture, these people should have the same things done to them. Keep up the good work peta, and are all these monsters going to get lentghy jail sentences ?

  • cheryl says:

    Hopefully justice is served and the “people” in this video will be behind bars themselves soon.

  • attlantaxxx says:

    WHY!!!! There are so many heartless, dispicable people in this world. It breaks my heart, thank god for peta and all they do, it’s a never ending battle but we have to keep fighting. It seems like so little is being achieved but our fight will continue. If we all do what we can we will make a difference xxxx

  • Elena says:

    I don’t understand how the workers in these horrible labs have NO FEELINGS for these poor creatures to treat them in such a way. Are these workers ALL PSYCHOTIC OR BORDERLINE SERIAL KILLERS? Because I can’t understand anyone with feelings treating any creature the way these were treated. What I REALLY cannot understand, however, is WHY THE HELL DO WE NEED TO FATTEN TICKS AND MOSQUITOES ARTIFICIALLY, FOR GOD’S SAKE? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SUCH A PRACTICE? This is TRULY APPALLING, and an illustration of the STUPIDITY OF HUMANS. We will be the creators of our own demise in the end, and unfortunately we will probably take all other beings down with us… Humans think we are superior, but we are the ONLY SPECIES THAT TAKES PERVERSE DELIGHT IN MAKING WEAKER BEINGS SUFFER!!!

  • michaela says:

    Horrible, it must stop. We have to imagine that we are in this cage and we are suffering entire our life until our end. No one is a right to do this to another being.

    We have to help, this can be our reason to live.

  • Betsy Roberts says:

    After reading about what happened to these poor defenseless animals I was in tears. How anyone could be so cruel and unfeeling is beyond me. Thank God this sick excuse for “research” has been stopped!

  • cindy says:

    ayyy ayyy my eyes thats just terrible.

  • Marietta says:

    Where are those animals now??????
    I hope they didn’t go to the Robeson in NC -!!!- There are animal shelters in NC who are very cruel and not better than this research lab … the Robeson Shelter poured bleach over puppies and had fun watching the dog mother licking her crying babies … the manager J.Bass is gone but I hear nothing has changed … I hope those animals from that lab didn’t end up in a shelter. Who has info???
    Thank you!!!

  • Elio Botogoske says:

    I thing this situation is stop. The human´s had haven´t a sensibility for understanding this a very sickness of mankind. We don´t need participate. I recommmend a everyone to think and reavaliate your concepts.

  • viviana rondinone says:

    closing this place down is the rightt thing to do. I want to thank those who followed the situation of the poor animals and obtain the closure of this hellish place. BUT those responsibles shoul pay for this.justice should be done.

  • maureen mckeown says:

    I know animal testing has to go on but there is no excuse for unnecessary pain and suffering to be inflicted on these poor harmless animals.Why don’t they test on humans,but then they have to pay for that,don’t they,so do it to the animals ,it costs nothing.

  • DaleAnn Rohman says:

    This is the most revolting lab I have seen yet. The Governor and Senators from N.Carolina should be ashamed of themselves. They can not cop a plea of ignorance, because who in their right mind would ever again vote for someone to watch over the peoples affairs who are so inept. Praise and glory to PETA. You are my new heros. Please put pressure on the “compassionate state” of Utah who also has a deplorable lab. Do the citizens know that this is going on? Have any major papers even attempted to cover either story, like they do when they discover someone hoarding animals? Keep their feet to the fire and let any of us know which is the most effective way to expose these monsters. I will never again recommend any shelter or trust any of them ever again. My good trust once lost, is lost forever. The violators need to have their own special website like child molesters do so everyone who sees them will shun them like the non humans they are. They should be locked up forever. I am listing in huge bold print, every major and not so major company that was participating in the sick, sick, project. What is N.Carolina conducting, its own class for creating socipaths and future serial killers. The same can be asked about Utah. Unless those in charge are ready to really act and by acting I mean do away completely with these labs, creating a lifetime ban against those responsible from ever even touching an animal, much less owning one, then I don’t have time for them and they need to pack up and go home and allow someone who cares to take over. And this doesn’t just mean a yearly, weekly inspection that everyone breathing knows is a croc. This means have someone like Peta represent the animals for heaven sakes like they do every time they they make a movie. Bottom line, they do not need any animal testing. God has seem it and His mercy will correspond accordingly. It isn’t enough to just feel sick and look away from the suffering of these poor helpless creatures. WE that care need to know where are efforts need to be centered. I am plastering the town where I live with the disgusting pictures and articles from N.Carolina and Utah.These idiots can no longer hide. Maybe from a jail cell they can try on a cell mate what they did to the animals and see how far they get.
    Thanks for your time. DaleAnn Rohman

  • Luana says:

    may God……vamos socorrer nossos animais…

  • laurel says:

    I did watch the video and I am so glad they are shut down. I wish/hope that those women who ran the place are prosecuted too. I hope they can never find employment again. I hope that they will get jail time and heavy fines…… I was so happy that the animals are safe now.. I hope that they get slammed around in prison. they deserve to be punished for that poor cat nails against the fencin and all I saw I hope that the cat that was in that video gets a wonderful home… someone who cares

  • laurel says:

    I did watch the video and I am so glad they are shut down. I wish/hope that those women who ran the place are prosecuted too. I hope they can never find employment again. I hope that they will get jail time and heavy fines…… I was so happy that the animals are safe now.. I hope that they get slammed around in prison. they deserve to be punished for that poor cat nails agains the fencin and all I saw I hope that the cat that was in that video gets a wonderful home… someone who cares

  • Srijita Sreenivasan says:

    The Nazis of the new generation

  • Hollie says:

    I just can not stand to watch those videos…it really breaks my heart that animals have to endure such cruelty. I can not understand how you can call yourself a human being by treating animals this way. The people who work at laboratories want locking up. i hope one day PETA, with all your hard work that one day animal cruelty will come to an end.

  • Nae says:

    Reading this story honestly made me sick to my stomach! Poor animals, so helpless…

  • Maria Pitman says:

    I think its ashamed that the worthless human being that is being so abusive to that beautiful cat has her face grayed out where she cant be seen. She is not innocent and deserves no protection from being seen for who she is.

  • Lyn Czapla says:

    These people should be tortured just like they did to these animals. I am in tears just viewing the picture of the woman with the cat, did she get any punishment from the company and what is PETA doing about these employees? They should be terminated from their jobs.

  • Angela says:

    I am sorry. I am ashamed. I hope that mankind will become wiser soon. I cannot say a lot more. I am speechless right now…


    they ae just disgusting……………
    what else i am suppost to say ?!!!!!!!!!!

  • guillaume marielle says: