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Clementine’s Story

A gentle senior Dalmatian named Clementine has been imprisoned at Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS) for as long as seven years. According to a PLRS supervisor, the laboratory bought Clementine in 2003 from a notorious animal dealer that has since been shut down for “severe mistreatment and neglect of a multitude of animals.” The dealer had acquired Clementine from an animal shelter. Clementine—also referred to as “38902”—spends her lonely days in a concrete and chain-link cell without exercise, affection, or attention. Every day, she is deprived of a home, a family, simple comfort, veterinary care, and enrichment.

Instead of living with a family in a good home, she endures the abuses of “life” at PLRS, where the floor’s poor drainage forces her to spend most of her days standing in her own urine and/or a bleach and water solution. Workers spray a caustic bleach solution into the cage while she is still inside it. Raw, open sores cover her limbs. Excrement is caked on her body.

When PETA’s investigator reported Clementine’s injuries, she was told that they were “just part of life at PLRS” and that she should not tell the veterinarian who visits PLRS once a week or so about them. According to a PLRS supervisor, Clementine was diagnosed with heartworm disease in 2005 but has never been treated.

PETA’s investigator visited Clementine when time permitted and, over a period of months, saw Clementine’s physical and psychological health decline. Clementine appeared to be depressed and cried when the investigator left her. The investigator’s requests to adopt Clementine were denied.

Unlike PLRS employees, who are free to leave the laboratory, Clementine cannot escape. She remains locked in a cage and is being considered for use in a cruel experiment. You can help us stop the suffering and abuse of animals like Clementine by making an urgent donation right now.

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  • jeanie says:

    WHAT IS THIS MAN HIDING? Is the dog really safe? PETA has asked the same question only to get stonewalled by this man? Also what has the lab said about where she is.Its not right that the people who exposed the barbaric things that were taking place in this lab have not been told where she is.And so on to the abusers, when are they going to be brought to justic for the crimes they commiotted against the animals.They should serve time in prision. THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERING NOW!!!!

  • Jaime says:

    poor baby!!!! this kind of stuff makes me teary. i cant take the way people treat animals. its so disgusting

  • Andrea says:

    I’ve started a Facebook page to raise even more awareness for Clementine! Let’s start a movement people…This is not right! Here is the link to her new Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100002933588368

  • SunnyStegosaurus says:

    I pray for this beautiful Dalmatian and all the other animals who have been subjected to that kind of environment. Thank you so much for your investigations, you do so much to help animals and I’m proud to say I’m a member of PETA.

  • Linda Rollins says:

    I can only hope w/ my dying breaths that people who do this wind up in cages themselves, subjected to the same torment.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Inara.
    Thank you for your inquiry about Clementine. We appreciate and share your concern for Clementine’s welfare and safety.

    As you know, after PETA’s undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), resulted in the laboratory’s closure, hundreds of animals were released from the facility.

    We had made arrangements to have one of the shelters we work with closely take custody of Clementine so that she could be reunited with our investigator, who had watched over her for the nine grueling months that she spent at PLRS. Sadly, PLRS employees, probably out of spite, would not release Clementine to any of the shelters who graciously took in animals for placement. When we learned that Clementine was not surrendered to animal-sheltering professionals as planned, we called for an aggressive investigation of her whereabouts by law-enforcement officials. The district attorney’s office claims to have looked into it and tells PETA that Clementine was found, seized, examined, and returned to the person whose home she is in. But the office will not reveal any details and is even refusing to answer basic questions, despite knowing that we and people across the country, like you, are deeply concerned about her. PETA is very disappointed that Clementine has vanished. Our investigator had spent almost a year at PLRS and bonded with Clementine and hundreds of other animals. She did all that she could to make their miserable lives just a little less miserable. PETA had a home lined up for Clementine, and we are deeply disappointed that the district attorney’s office has chosen to conceal information about her from us and from the people who fell in love with her. We’d be perfectly happy to know that Clementine is safe and in a good home, but at this time, the district attorney’s office refuses to tell us anything.

    Please ask District Attorney Frank Parrish about Clementine’s whereabouts, and ask him when he plans to file criminal charges in this case. Please send polite comments to:

    District Attorney Frank Parrish

    202 East Colonial Ave.

    Elizabeth City, NC 27909


  • Inara says:

    Can someone please comment on our comments here about Clementine now that this place has been shut down?
    What happened to her? Did she have to be put down because of all the physical issues that she endured in this horrid place?
    Please someone respond.

  • PETA says:

    Re: datalynnsmith. Many of the animals tormented by PLRS have been adopted by loving guardians. For an update, please visit: – PETA.

  • daralynnsmith says:

    Please let me know about Clementine’s future. Was she rescued? What happened to her?