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Marlen Esparza: Knock Out Cruelty to Animals

Team USA boxer Marlen Esparza—the first American female boxer to qualify for the Olympics—represented her country in the 2012 London Games, but now she is entering the ring for a new cause: stopping the abuse of animals. As a professional boxer, Marlen knows how to protect herself from tough hits, but animals are often defenseless and rely on us to protect them from neglect and abuse. Speak up if you see a dog left outside on a chain, a lost or stray animal on the street, a dog locked in a car, or other neglect. Not all abuse cases are seen in person, though. For example, a couple in Houston was recently charged with felonies for allegedly making animal-torture fetish videos and distributing them online. Don’t second-guess yourself—if you suspect or witness a case of animal abuse in person or online, document and report it immediately. A life may depend on it.

If you see an animal in need, Marlen says, “Don’t forget about the animal, because you wouldn’t want anybody to forget about you if you couldn’t talk.” In her ad for PETA, she is putting up her dukes in defense of animals. Animals need someone to speak up for them, and she wants you to be that person.

Watch behind-the-scenes footage taken at Marlen’s fierce photo shoot and see why she decided to team up with PETA to fight for animals.

Never be silent—that’s the first step to helping animals who face abuse. Speaking up for animals can save their lives. Use your voice to stop animal abuse—share this message with your friends on Twitter!