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Lobster Zone ‘Games’ Cause Pain and Suffering

The Lobster Zone is a cruel “game” that’s found in some bars and restaurants. The arcade-style contraption allows patrons to pluck a lobster out of a machine using a joystick-controlled crane with an attached claw. Once caught, the lobster is dropped down a chute, boiled or cut up while still alive, and then eaten. But like all animals, lobsters can feel pain, and they suffer when they are injured, cut, or boiled alive.

Luckily, there are plenty of caring individuals who wish to end the use of these lobster-torture machines. If you happen to come across the Lobster Zone, you can help lobsters by doing the following:

      Victory is possible! PETA has successfully worked with facilities to get the cruel Lobster Zone “games” removed, and it is all because caring people like you have taken action. These games have been removed from two bars in Illinois as well as from a Wisconsin Dells–based resort. By making your voice heard, you can help relieve the suffering of lobsters across the country.