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Imprisoned and Poisoned at SNBL: A Whistleblower Case

A distraught whistleblower from Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), a notorious Everett, Washington-based animal testing conglomerate, contacted PETA to reveal shocking allegations of mistreatment of animals used in painful and lethal experiments. The whistleblower weighed her concerns for her job and fear of retaliation against the suffering and deaths of animals that she witnessed every day at SNBL and repeatedly appealed to SNBL managers and supervisors to improve conditions for animals in the company’s laboratories. After those pleas were ignored, she felt compelled to contact PETA.

SNBL torments tens of thousands of primates, dogs, rabbits, and other animals every year to test products for other companies. It force-feeds animals experimental chemicals to intentionally sicken and kill them and infects them with debilitating diseases.

SNBL is the third-largest importer of primates in the U.S., purchasing nearly 3,000 monkeys every year from China, Cambodia, Israel, and Indonesia—some snatched from their homes and families in the wild—for use in experiments.

According to the whistleblower, in one experiment at SNBL, monkeys were hooked to their cages with a metal tether through which ice-cold saline solution and test compounds were continuously dripped into their veins. The monkeys were kept like this for many months and reportedly were so cold that they shivered and their teeth chattered non-stop. Monkeys had blood drawn from their arms many times a day, resulting in swelling, redness, and bruising of their limbs. These wounds were considered “routine” and were never treated. After the first few blood draws, the monkeys’ veins were damaged, and workers would poke and dig around in the limb to find others. The monkeys winced, screamed, trembled, and shook, and tried to defend themselves. The whistleblower said, “Eventually, many of the monkeys stop fighting and reacting … it is like the life is gone from them.”

While working at SNBL, the whistleblower observed workers handling the monkeys so violently that the animals suffered bloodied noses, broken fingers and toes, and bruises to their bodies. Their tails were bent or deformed because workers slammed cage doors on them. The employees also allegedly banged loudly on the monkeys’ cages to frighten and intimidate them into being quiet. Managers and supervisors apparently knew of this ongoing physical and psychological abuse of monkeys but refused to stop it.

The whistleblower also reported that monkeys were tied for many hours in restraint chairs with their arms and legs kept entirely immobile as drugs were injected intravenously over the course of a day. The whistleblower said, “The monkeys fight continuously for hours to loosen the ropes … it is just too much for them.” Some monkeys collapsed in the restraint chairs and never recovered.

A USDA report from 2011 documented that 78 percent of the monkeys at SNBL are caged alone—in violation of federal law—unable to touch or interact in any way with other monkeys. This is so distressing to monkeys that they develop stress-induced abnormal behaviors such as self-mutilation, incessant rocking, and hair-pulling.

Like the whistleblower, federal inspectors have also found cruelty and neglect inside SNBL’s laboratories. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection and investigation reports reveal hundreds of violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The company was recently assessed fines of $31,000 and $12,900 for denying veterinary care and adequate pain relief to suffering animals and failing to ensure that experiments were not duplicated. SNBL also made headlines in 2008 after a whistleblower revealed that a monkey had been boiled to death when her cage was put into a high-temperature cage-washing machine while she was still in it. In 2010, the FDA cited SNBL for failing to ensure that employees charged with providing care for the thousands of animals at SNBL were properly trained.

SNBL’s customers—the companies for which it conducts tests on animals—include Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Genentech, and Seattle Genetics. Several government agencies—including the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Health and Human Services—have signed contracts with SNBL worth more than $1 million. And, SNBL profits from the importation and sales of monkeys for use in experimentation.

Please take a stand for the monkeys imprisoned at SNBL by calling on airlines to stop transporting primates destined for laboratories.

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  • Julie Kennedy says:

    If God was talking, he wouldnt be, he would cry, how can you do this, there must be something seriously wrong with you in the head to do this, there is no reason that you can even come up with. In my mind you lot have too much money, so much so that the government wont stand up to you, lets take it off you.

  • Maria DeSimone says:

    so very sad!!!!! sad for these animals for the obvious reasons, sad for the workers who live without compassion!

  • Bellouise says:

    MY God…what have we become?! Monsters!

  • Manuela Schnitzspahn says:

    Please stop this cruel Experiments on this innocent and wonderfull Animals. They have feelings like Humans and they have Rights!!!STOP IT RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

  • Netmaster says:

    Well, in our conclusion, a better world lies ahead.
    In our review, we are savages.

  • lyndafree says:

    please stop this insane abuse. it can never be justified in the eyes of god .

  • lynda free says:

    stop this insane abuse, it can never be justified.

  • Andrea Hoffmann says:

    Stop transporting and animal testing in lab know. We have no right!

  • iris neuwirth says:

    Please stop this cruel , heartless experiments of innocent animals !!!!! This is not the right way !!!

  • rosalba d'agostino says:

    this abuse on animal still go on! i can’t believe how nasty e cruel are human, doing such a horrible thing on monkey and others animals! this peple don’t test they have fun with animals and in the same time they suck the money from company who give them so many million for testing and all this test are good to nobody because testing on animal nobody resolve disease on this planet ,more worth they make suffering animals and make animal born with deformity ! this is a disgusting planet ,is no respect for animal!

  • Christa McTall says:

    Stop transporting animals to labs for testing. Why are humans so cruel. All animal tesing should be outlawed.

  • Melanie says:

    Con tanta maldad?con que necesidad le hacen eso a ellos?son criaturas mas indefensas que ustedes y se hacen llamar médicos, científicos,doctores?jaja tanto estudiaron para no tener sentimientos?para ser pedazo de piedra nomas?que pena y lastima que me dan,si se creen algo mas importante o por el estilo por el estilo..para mi y para muchas otra personas son menos que nada,como si fuera que ganan algo con hacer eso..pero bueno,todo vuelve en la vida sea bueno o malo vuelve y vuelve el triple..

  • Glenn says:

    Absolutely Disgusting!!! I Believe in Karma! These people will one day pay their dues! what goes around comes around!

  • Michelle McDaniel says:

    This is WRONG!!!

  • TAMARA says:


  • Irena Franchi says:

    Stop tormenting and killing these animals. This is inhumane and needless.

  • Tom Ritchie says:

    Please stop transporting anyy animals to testing laboratories!! this only facilitates their torture and ultimate death!!!!

  • l Harmon says:

    Stop the Madness!.please stop the transport of animals by means of your airline.Animals are tortured at the hands of these expermental labs.

  • Myriam Schneider says:

    Ich wunsche mir das diese Planet ERDE am 21.12 eine Ende findet und nur Staub wird. NUR DANN werden diese bestialischen Menschheit die Tiere in Ruhe lassen.Und ich als Mensch möchte in diesen Planet ERDE wie es im Moment ist, keine Minute länger bleiben…darum warte ich und hoffe ich das ein URKNALL nochmals kommt.Ich leide täglich wenn ich die Bosheit der Menschheit lese.

  • Nora Burns says:

    The use of live animals being subjected to barbaric procedures does not help advance our society. The results from animal experimentation does not reflect what the same procedure on a human would provide. Currently there is now a multitude of scientific and legal documentation showing that these experiments provide results that can’t be used towards advancing human health. It is cruel and barbaric and a waste of funding and tax payer dollars. I do not want my money used towards these procedures. Please reconsider, educate yourself, realize your practices are antiquated in today’s advanced world. Thank you Nora L Burns, R.N.

  • Lottie Knauss says:

    I think that anyone, or any airline, that intentionally transports these gentle, intelligent, and social animals, should be made to watch the torture, terror, and excruciating pain they suffer. If anyone can do this without any emotion, I feel, is less than human. Why, n the name of good sense, would anyone agree to take part in allowing primates (or any animals) the unnecessary torture to happen, especially when their are very viable alternatives?

  • L. Breaz says:

    People that work in those facilities have to be sick in the head human beings.

  • Thea Holly says:

    Please provide a petition so we can all sign – this cannot be allowed to continue – there is NO excuse for this appalling abuse -ever.

  • Edgar Fernández Garrid says:

    Leave the monkeys free!! Stop the export and the cruel activities with him and all kind of animals

  • Diane says:

    I did not see a petition to stop these companies from doing these experiments. It is solely for profit. Many of these tests are totally unnecessary and don’t serve any purpose other than giving these people jobs. That is not a good reason. Stop these tests.

  • debbi says:

    most things needing animal testing are done via computer-no animals needed. much of this testing is simply animal torture–why is ice cold water being put in the veins of monkeys??? what is this test for?????

  • Caw says:

    I understand tests are a way of life, if animal testing may create a cure for cancer or prevent life threatening diseases iit could make tests worthwile, however what i do not agree with is the treatment an animal goes through for these tests, why they need to be kept in a cage and in a laborotary and treated so inhumanely is so unnecessary, for the time they are being tested at least try and make it a comfortable time untill one day this is all hopefully stopped completely, i feel sickened to live near a laboratory testing on husky dogs in the UK however from what i hear these dogs are taken on walks and treated with care, something needs to be dine about this and ill always support peta!!

  • Barbara Edwards says:

    There should be a Law Court especially designed for animals run by indepentant fair minded people. There should also be a specialised Barrister to uphold the Law of the Court.
    What is anybody doing about animal rights. They have no rights until there is a spcial Court of LAW for them.
    Please hear my plea.

  • copernic says:

    human kind is worst degenerated cruel of all the creation i am ashamed for our specie

  • Dr. Regina Milano says:

    Found the petition to the airlines, did not find one to the pharma giants. @ R. Fisher…nice comment about these people spending a day in the life of one of these animals! An eye for an eye, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Dr. Regina Milano says:

    Was there a petition attached to this? I did not find one. Also, is there one for the pharma giants who are keeping these torture chambers in business? I’d like to sign that one too. Thanks.

  • Polly Leggans says:

    I am ashamed to be the same species that does this to animals.

  • Takako says:

    I have started looking for all the products with no animal testing sign at supermarkets and will never stop. I will never stop being against this nonsense testing on animals.

  • Care4animals says:

    Poor Monkeys :’-(

  • Marta Alves says:

    All the “people” that works in these places should recive the same treatment so that they can seen what are they doing…

    Every day that pass I love more and more animals than humans….

  • R. Fisher says:

    I am sickened by this, and I have a very utilitarian attitude towards research. However, pain relief and emotional well-being far outweigh any possible benefit served to human kind in these cases. There is another way; those who say there isn’t are simply ignorant and should spend a day in the life of one of those animals!

  • Linda Backovsky says:

    It is so sad. There are no words for this. There is no need for these poor animals to be subjected to this. The sadness in their faces says it all. We all should be ashamed of ourselves for treating gods creatures like this.

  • jose de zeeuw says:

    STOP this cruellty!!!!!!NO one needs this testing.It’s all for the MONEY!!!!!!

  • Ally M. says:

    This is horrible! Spread the word. Citizens don’t realize what’s going on so they buy the products but if we show what’s going on in this lab, then the truth will be leaked and SNLB will be shut down!

  • twix says:

    I DON’T have compassion for those people. None at all.
    Those people are getting paid, and there is some powertrip in this for them.
    But the company is making money, and if they don’t have that set of people doing it, they’d hire another.

  • Susan Gillham says:

    I FB posted and emailed them directly. Thanks for your work on these & many other awful issues.

  • Michael says:

    It is ruthless and disgusting, and there is no other “being” on this planet that is capable of doing this other than man. We are the only beings among all the other beings that live in harmony with the Earth and each other, that can commit and tolerate these actions, and by our own standards of thinking, this behaviour can be exemplified as extreme racist.
    These people must feel some shame… The value of their intentions has no place in our world, and their cruelty is beyond any comprehension. NO inquiries, inspections or warnings… Fine them, jail them, and close them and others like them down immediately.

  • Michelle Connolly says:

    In this day and age, with the kind of scientific advancements we have made,the fact that experimentation of this nature is still being carried out is a great shame on humanity. I so wish we were still “barbaric” enough to mete out the “eye for an eye” method of maintaining some sense of “civility”. How far we have strayed!

  • Shannon says:

    I do not condone supporting any business that tests or tortures animals for profit or gain. For the longest time I only related to the tortured animals. I felt their pain and it reminds me of my suffering. Their pain helped me to come to terms with my own suffering. It also allowed me to see the suffering and agony of those that perpetrate against them and create suffering in other beings. When I started practicing compassion for these people and finding forgiveness in my heart only then did I really heal. I do not support the suffering and torture of other beings but I do see how their pain is required to bring people to the pain that they need to heal. Only then will their need to inflict that pain disappear. It’s so sad but if we get lost in the pain and lose the lesson the pain and misery must continue. I send compassion and love and forgiveness to all involved in these atrocities. When we love those that create pain, their need to create it disappears. Punishment only prolongs the behavior. Keep sending love to the people and drawing a line in the sand and not supporting their businesses. The need to continue torturing will disappear. Forgiveness is the only way to end the suffering and need to perpetuate it. It is hard to see but the suffering does end. Don’t support the behavior …but love the people.

  • Leonardo Diaz says:


  • Marisa Morales says:


  • Ola Lilja says:

    This is disgusting to read! I urge this company to stop this immediately! I will spread the word about this.

  • lisa says:

    These experiments are cruel, heartless and pointless. I cannot understand how the people who perform these experiments can sleep at night! I like money as much as the next person but i can assure you no amount of money would make me able to treat any animal in this way. Its sick and barbaric. I feel if an animal could speak up then they would have rights. However they cannot speak so we abuse them? They feel just like we do? There are criminals on death row for inflicting cruelties and murder on a human. These animals endure worse!? This cruelty to animals should stop and shouldnt be allowed to continue.


    Stop paying taxes- simple!

  • Lau Zalonik says:

    Sostengo que cuanto más indefensa es una criatura, más derechos tiene a ser protegida por el hombre contra la crueldad del hombre. Mahatma Gandhi