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Imprisoned and Poisoned at SNBL: A Whistleblower Case

A distraught whistleblower from Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), a notorious Everett, Washington-based animal testing conglomerate, contacted PETA to reveal shocking allegations of mistreatment of animals used in painful and lethal experiments. The whistleblower weighed her concerns for her job and fear of retaliation against the suffering and deaths of animals that she witnessed every day at SNBL and repeatedly appealed to SNBL managers and supervisors to improve conditions for animals in the company’s laboratories. After those pleas were ignored, she felt compelled to contact PETA.

SNBL torments tens of thousands of primates, dogs, rabbits, and other animals every year to test products for other companies. It force-feeds animals experimental chemicals to intentionally sicken and kill them and infects them with debilitating diseases.

SNBL is the third-largest importer of primates in the U.S., purchasing nearly 3,000 monkeys every year from China, Cambodia, Israel, and Indonesia—some snatched from their homes and families in the wild—for use in experiments.

According to the whistleblower, in one experiment at SNBL, monkeys were hooked to their cages with a metal tether through which ice-cold saline solution and test compounds were continuously dripped into their veins. The monkeys were kept like this for many months and reportedly were so cold that they shivered and their teeth chattered non-stop. Monkeys had blood drawn from their arms many times a day, resulting in swelling, redness, and bruising of their limbs. These wounds were considered “routine” and were never treated. After the first few blood draws, the monkeys’ veins were damaged, and workers would poke and dig around in the limb to find others. The monkeys winced, screamed, trembled, and shook, and tried to defend themselves. The whistleblower said, “Eventually, many of the monkeys stop fighting and reacting … it is like the life is gone from them.”

While working at SNBL, the whistleblower observed workers handling the monkeys so violently that the animals suffered bloodied noses, broken fingers and toes, and bruises to their bodies. Their tails were bent or deformed because workers slammed cage doors on them. The employees also allegedly banged loudly on the monkeys’ cages to frighten and intimidate them into being quiet. Managers and supervisors apparently knew of this ongoing physical and psychological abuse of monkeys but refused to stop it.

The whistleblower also reported that monkeys were tied for many hours in restraint chairs with their arms and legs kept entirely immobile as drugs were injected intravenously over the course of a day. The whistleblower said, “The monkeys fight continuously for hours to loosen the ropes … it is just too much for them.” Some monkeys collapsed in the restraint chairs and never recovered.

A USDA report from 2011 documented that 78 percent of the monkeys at SNBL are caged alone—in violation of federal law—unable to touch or interact in any way with other monkeys. This is so distressing to monkeys that they develop stress-induced abnormal behaviors such as self-mutilation, incessant rocking, and hair-pulling.

Like the whistleblower, federal inspectors have also found cruelty and neglect inside SNBL’s laboratories. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection and investigation reports reveal hundreds of violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The company was recently assessed fines of $31,000 and $12,900 for denying veterinary care and adequate pain relief to suffering animals and failing to ensure that experiments were not duplicated. SNBL also made headlines in 2008 after a whistleblower revealed that a monkey had been boiled to death when her cage was put into a high-temperature cage-washing machine while she was still in it. In 2010, the FDA cited SNBL for failing to ensure that employees charged with providing care for the thousands of animals at SNBL were properly trained.

SNBL’s customers—the companies for which it conducts tests on animals—include Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Genentech, and Seattle Genetics. Several government agencies—including the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Health and Human Services—have signed contracts with SNBL worth more than $1 million. And, SNBL profits from the importation and sales of monkeys for use in experimentation.

Please take a stand for the monkeys imprisoned at SNBL by calling on airlines to stop transporting primates destined for laboratories.

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  • Maria Lisa Vignoli says:

    I ask you to stop with this horrible work that is absolutely useless for human beeing.

  • naomi cohen says:

    these sick humans have a place in hell waiting for them. they should get there asap. God please help these innocent little beings, and save them from this endless torture. amen.

  • Cheryl says:

    I could write lots like every one else, but all I can say is God be with these helpless animals, and help man to understand that what he is doing is not always the right way.

  • Araceli Crespo says:

    Very upsetting. It’s incredible people can do this to poor animals. It must stop!!!!!!

  • louise says:

    i have read the article about the little monkeys being tortured by this apalling labratory.i can not for the world understand why this still goes might be a good thing if these creeps, want to do experiements why not use people in jail!e.g.murderes,pedofiles,rapists etc.they at least they will then be paying something back to the community they terrorised.iam however very glad to see that air france has decided not to transport these poor animals(who by the way are our closest relatives)to the u.s.for once the living creatures were more important than the bloody houniet the netherlands.member Peta.p.s. CLOSE THIS STINKING LABRATORY NOW!!!!!

  • TRINA says:

    this just makes me sick to my stomach!!!!! and the sad part is i live right down the street from them and i took a little drive tonight cause i couldnt believe it was litterly right down the street from me and as i drove past this “compound” i had a instant sick feeling and then a rush of anger and hatred like i have never felt before…..there has to be something we can is litterly 2 minutes away from where i live. i have never felt so much anger and hatred from anybody or anything as i do to this place!!!!! i am very saddened by all this BS they do with these monkeys and to know that it is right down the street from me makes it even worse. as i drove past this… “compound” that was ALL GATED up trees and bushes all over this place i felt a deep anger inside me i cant even explain, how would you like to be snatched from your mom and dad or brother or sister, cause this is what there doing and they have another shipment of them coming in. I AM AT A TOTAL LOSS FOR WORDS….for the people that know me….KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE ANIMALS AND AM A MEMBER OF PETA ♥ sorry i had to get this out

  • Amanda Bernier says:

    Stop this horrific act from becoming something much worse. All beings deserve to live free and without torture.

  • Edson De La Cruz says:

    Really upsetting. Cruelty towards animals needs to STOP! I am so tormented to hear about this form of abuse. PLEASE have a heart and STOP abusing these animals that should be free in their nature.

  • Rosemary Taylor says:

    Everyone who wants this cruelty to stop should post this info on sites like facebook etc. It could become viral and expose all the companies involved in this vile trade to people all over the world and the people can then decide to boycott their products or services. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet…Look at Egypt!!!

  • PETA says:

    @Marcy Gustafson: Thanks for your interest in animal rights! We encourage you to check out the PETA Kids website where you can find out how YOU can help the animals! Or for those over 13, check out the peta2 website where you can help animals by joining Street Team!

  • diane says:


  • Poesjkin says:

    How long will this be going on! Terrible makes me so angry

  • Vanessa Lane says:

    It is disgusting that this is happening, AND, we all have a piece of the responsiblity…if we didn’t guzzle pharmacetutical medications like they were going out of fashion, and weren’t such a nation of people who think the only thing that can help is a pill, these companies would not be the multi billion dollar powerhouses that they are…we ALL need to think about our choices.

  • Valmai says:

    Only when the last tree has died, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught (and the last animal killed) will we realise…WE CANNOT EAT MONEY…. (Cree Indian Proverb)

  • Cris says:

    We want medical treatment and some testing is in some justified, but does it have to be on animals and does it have to be cruel? What is the point of intentionally hurting another living creature? It is sheer stupidity and malevolence on the part of the animal in the white coat. I can’t call this a human being. Please stop and rejoin the human race.

  • A US Citizen says:

    Harm and suffering to an animal is illegal. Law enforcers – enforce the law!

  • Melina says:

    Plants must be used for experiments instead poor animals! justice should be done and this company should be strongly punished!

  • VIVEK says:

    This is so insane and ridiculous. Think of these guys been tortured in a similar manner. Please do mind that we came from monkey. Its not only monkeys but also all other animals. Its not the animals but the humans are more cruel. Those guys for making profit so that they can sell their own wifes and children so that they get some money. They should be tortured in the similar manner so that they will know the pain. Irritating.

  • Deb Anderson says:

    I am so very happy to hear that the transportation of these poor defensless animals was stopped WA TO GO PETA !!!!!

  • Donn says:

    Stop these experiments and be humane. The greatness of a nation is determined by how its animals are treated. The same can be said about corporations too.

  • renee lamkie says:

    Please do not subject any of these snimals to your deadly experiments. It has been proved time and time again that such experiments do not need to be done on living creatures. What you propose is simply inhumane torture.

  • vasiliki says:


  • Marcy Gustafson says:

    We (150 children betweeen the ages of 5 and 15 are committed thoroughly to stand up for this abominable treatment of animals. Why? It has dehumanized you and made you blind. We’ve lost our conscience.

  • Julie Ritson says:

    Put these animals back where they should be and stop testing on animals, it is barbaric and has to be stopped it is not fare on the monkeys you are so cruel, you make me sick people like you should be exterminated.

  • CLOE says:

    Stop the cruelty !!! this poor animals desserve to live no to die !!!

  • crystal says:


  • Marian Lippai says:

    Please in the name of God and the suffering of his creatures stop this needless torment and pain! We have developed alternative metohods to test these products, so why don’t you take a stand and represent what is ethical and right? Shame is what you should all be living with daily for the total lack of compassion for these beautiful animals!

    Please change this, do what is right!

    Marian Lippai

  • T May says:

    This should not be allowed, those poor monkeys are going to be terrified. This is evil.

  • gillian says:

    We must call on all people to stop flying with airlines that support such gross acts of animal cruelty. Few business want to bring about their own collapse.

  • Sophia Martin says:

    This company needs to be closed down. This is SICKENING, DISTURBING and everything that is morally wrong. This can’t continue and should not continue. What do they think they are doing? Do they really believe that these kinds of experiments are normal?

  • sharyn says:


  • Eva says:

    why a great country give permission to do these cruel things, we can have sa better world of you stop these, imagine that someone do the same to one person of your family, how do you feel about it!?

  • Riccardo Bazzoni says:


  • Isabelle et Lulu says:

    Aucun animal ne devrait être traité de la sorte. C’est immoral… On sait que les animaux ont conscience d’eux même et des autres, et c’est ce qui définit une personne…. alors qu’est ce qui les différencie de nous? RIEN. Messieurs, vous n’êtes pas chercheurs, mais exploiteurs.

  • Rita Casolari says:

    Please stop torturing these poor creatures, you should be ashamed.

  • Malaurie says:

    C’est vraiment horrible il faut arrêter ce massacre

  • Tabuism says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” –Ghandi.

    “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punisments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”. – Martin Luther King Jr.

  • deb m says:

    this is horrible and disheartening!….this company should b shut down!!!

  • Samantha Flores says:

    I can’t agree more,Jo Bullock

  • Patty RK says:

    Please stop torturing these poor creatures, you should be ashamed.



  • Paola says:

    just cruel! how can people do that!?

  • Michelle Healy says:

    Stop this evil cruelty to animals. Why are we so primitive and barbaric? This is just un-Godly!Where are your morals and ethics?

  • Kake says:

    Post this to all your facebook accounts – let the world know what a horrible thing this is. Let the public know that SNBL should be stopped just like any other “animal abuser”. Call the airlines that transport animals for experimentation, even if you are afraid to do so. If we don’t do it, who will fight for these poor creatures? I will never fly with the airlines that I find transport animals for laboratory testing. We do have a voice – so use it!

  • Cindy Kasnicka says:

    Please make this stop. My heart goes out to these poor animals.

  • sandy says:

    stop monkey testing/horrible

  • John D says:

    Do the right thing and stop transporting these poor defenseless animals.

  • Hatchery says:

    SHAME! SHAME! When are humans going to learn? We must stop abusing and killing animals. We are animals, too. All animals should be treated with dignity and respect.

  • SUSANNA says:


  • Tania says:

    STOP this!! Leave these animals alone.