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Imprisoned and Poisoned at SNBL: A Whistleblower Case

A distraught whistleblower from Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), a notorious Everett, Washington-based animal testing conglomerate, contacted PETA to reveal shocking allegations of mistreatment of animals used in painful and lethal experiments. The whistleblower weighed her concerns for her job and fear of retaliation against the suffering and deaths of animals that she witnessed every day at SNBL and repeatedly appealed to SNBL managers and supervisors to improve conditions for animals in the company’s laboratories. After those pleas were ignored, she felt compelled to contact PETA.

SNBL torments tens of thousands of primates, dogs, rabbits, and other animals every year to test products for other companies. It force-feeds animals experimental chemicals to intentionally sicken and kill them and infects them with debilitating diseases.

SNBL is the third-largest importer of primates in the U.S., purchasing nearly 3,000 monkeys every year from China, Cambodia, Israel, and Indonesia—some snatched from their homes and families in the wild—for use in experiments.

According to the whistleblower, in one experiment at SNBL, monkeys were hooked to their cages with a metal tether through which ice-cold saline solution and test compounds were continuously dripped into their veins. The monkeys were kept like this for many months and reportedly were so cold that they shivered and their teeth chattered non-stop. Monkeys had blood drawn from their arms many times a day, resulting in swelling, redness, and bruising of their limbs. These wounds were considered “routine” and were never treated. After the first few blood draws, the monkeys’ veins were damaged, and workers would poke and dig around in the limb to find others. The monkeys winced, screamed, trembled, and shook, and tried to defend themselves. The whistleblower said, “Eventually, many of the monkeys stop fighting and reacting … it is like the life is gone from them.”

While working at SNBL, the whistleblower observed workers handling the monkeys so violently that the animals suffered bloodied noses, broken fingers and toes, and bruises to their bodies. Their tails were bent or deformed because workers slammed cage doors on them. The employees also allegedly banged loudly on the monkeys’ cages to frighten and intimidate them into being quiet. Managers and supervisors apparently knew of this ongoing physical and psychological abuse of monkeys but refused to stop it.

The whistleblower also reported that monkeys were tied for many hours in restraint chairs with their arms and legs kept entirely immobile as drugs were injected intravenously over the course of a day. The whistleblower said, “The monkeys fight continuously for hours to loosen the ropes … it is just too much for them.” Some monkeys collapsed in the restraint chairs and never recovered.

A USDA report from 2011 documented that 78 percent of the monkeys at SNBL are caged alone—in violation of federal law—unable to touch or interact in any way with other monkeys. This is so distressing to monkeys that they develop stress-induced abnormal behaviors such as self-mutilation, incessant rocking, and hair-pulling.

Like the whistleblower, federal inspectors have also found cruelty and neglect inside SNBL’s laboratories. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection and investigation reports reveal hundreds of violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The company was recently assessed fines of $31,000 and $12,900 for denying veterinary care and adequate pain relief to suffering animals and failing to ensure that experiments were not duplicated. SNBL also made headlines in 2008 after a whistleblower revealed that a monkey had been boiled to death when her cage was put into a high-temperature cage-washing machine while she was still in it. In 2010, the FDA cited SNBL for failing to ensure that employees charged with providing care for the thousands of animals at SNBL were properly trained.

SNBL’s customers—the companies for which it conducts tests on animals—include Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, Genentech, and Seattle Genetics. Several government agencies—including the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Health and Human Services—have signed contracts with SNBL worth more than $1 million. And, SNBL profits from the importation and sales of monkeys for use in experimentation.

Please take a stand for the monkeys imprisoned at SNBL by calling on airlines to stop transporting primates destined for laboratories.

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  • Bob says:



    Please please please do the decent thing and do NOT transport these animals. They feel fear and love and terror and sadness the same as a human – If you can do something to help then you HAVE to if you have any compassion!

  • Tina says:

    This reminds me of the slavery transports back in the days…and even more of Mengele the Nazi doctor who studied on twins..he gave them different chemicals and infected them with diseases.

    Humans are a cruel race and we always be as long as money is involved. And I am ashamed to be a part of that race.

  • carregari says:


  • MSP says:

    When is this depravity going to end? I am sure many of these innocents are going to be subjected to the experiments for cancer research organizations like the Susan G. Komen cure for breast cancer foundation. Basically all the donations will keep the Druids paid to experiment for a “cure” that will never come to fruition and they know this very well! The funds many citizens work hard for will go to invest innocently trying to help the “cause” will also pay the transportation of their subjects to their labs. Oh how well is the American public deceived! It’s Halloween every day in the United States of America.

  • Alexandra says:

    No, poor creatures of God…They should not be tortured loke this.

  • Manisha says:

    Stop this cruelty. Live and let live.

  • lesia zubjuk says:

    it is shameful that anyone or any organisation can knowing support the trafficking of sentient animals like monkeys, to a life of pain that ends in a painful death.
    This not acceptable in this age when such practices have been condemned by all reputable scientific community in all countries.
    Shame to all who continue tobe part of this practice.

    lesia zubjuk

  • lesia zubjuk says:

    it is shameful that anyone or any organisation can knowing support the trafficking of sentient animals like monkeys, to a life of pain that ends in a painful death.
    This not acceptable in this age when such practices have been condemned by all reputable scientific community in all countries.
    Shame to all who continue tobe part of this practice.

    lesia zubjuk

  • wildcat says:

    we must stop this now i will never fly with them

  • Haydé Ardala says:

    I dont even dare to look at the video because I already know that human stupidity has no limits when it comes to hurting animals! What the hell is this situation you put these monkeys through…???? Who in the world gives you the right to treat them this way, they are like children, they dont understand, they trust us humans and this is what they get! I am digusted and hope one day the punishment for those people will arrive and knock them out!!!!

  • Rajesh C. Maun says:


  • Melinda says:

    As long as anything like this is going on, I plan to continue boycotting your airline. The email for this petition’s link will also be forwarded to friends and family.

  • Hilde says:

    I feel really sick and so disapointed in the human beeing…like many times before!!! Please someone help thes poor animals !!!

  • Marina Lezos says:

    Hitleric and barbaric!

  • Giada Marsadri says:

    I’m writing to you today to express my disappointment and displeasure at the fact that your company continues to transport animals to laboratories, despite overwhelming public and scientific opinion that animal experimentation is both unacceptable and unnecessary.

    On february 1st 60 macaque monkeys will be shipped on AirFrance-KLM cargo planes from Mauritius to the notorious american lab Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories. I ask you to stop this shipment and rethink your company’s policy on the transport of lab animals.

    Animals in laboratories endure extreme suffering in cruel and scientifically pointless experiments, including being forced to inhale noxious gasses, being force-fed chemicals and injected with poisons, before being left to suffer and die with minimal care or consideration for their needs.

    I ask that you use your influence within Air France-KLM to stop the feb. 1st shipment of 60 macaque monkeys from Mauritius to the Us and bring your company in line with the majority of air cargo transporters who refuse to transport animals destined for the vivisection industry.

    Giada Marsadri

  • Alexander Kerr says:

    This is just criminal!! The USDA are not fining these companies heavily enough. The fines are a joke. Why would they even stop to review their procedures when their gaining millions and being fined only thousands?? Anyway the phone lines are down so don’t call. Peta info emailed me and gave me 5 email addresses plus a link to share with Air France Cargo. I emailed but there were mistakes in emails so please read following:
    Dear Peta info – Thanks for notification about phone lines and sending email addresses re Air France Cargo. However all email addresses in your email as well as the bottom link to
    ‘imprisoned and poisened’ web site, have double ups. I had to delete the double ups. For instance one of the five addresses was
    [email protected]%3Cmailto:[email protected]
    It should have read [email protected] If others like me have just cut and pasted from your email, the emails wont go and the web link wouldn’t open. I immediately sent corrections to all 5 once I realised web link was doubled as well ( see my email below ). Perhaps you want to post for others benefit?
    Subject line: Flying monkeys to be tortured in US

    This is a correction to web link in previous email :
    Dear Sir

    Please refuse to transport 60 monkeys to Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories
    in the US as you will sending them to a fate worse than death.

    Click on link:

    Alex Kerr
    New Zealand

  • Shirl loock says:

    Absolutely Horriffic what cruelty goes on. Cannot understand how people can be so cruel to animals.

  • Rachel burch says:

    This sick! I hope they all get dealt the karma they deserve. Wow Im so calling that number!

  • Jingbo Wang Tappe says:

    When we are vigorous talking about that some Africans killed some chimps or gorillas or they eat bush meat, have we ever looked our own actions? When we talked about poachers poached some animals for black market, do we know where is the money coming from? One thing that I do not understand, we assumed all the monkeys, chimps, gorillas in the U.S. walked from Africa to our experimental labs and consented to all the experiments. Those primates, monkeys, gerbils, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, birds, spiders did not. We talked about animal rights. We talked about how beautiful to share the earth and live in harmony with wildlife, did we? We talked about evils and heaven, did we? We talked about god existence, did we? We let evil things happen and decided to look another way. We pray to God only for our own good. Do we allow all the reality comes out on TV/movies? Have anyone look carefully at in every single university, hospital, and research labs? We called those people scientist and animal experiment is a must, did we? Do we know where our drug company’s muti-billion dollars profit each year when we buy drugs? Do we know that animals are being tested for cosmetics and those companies make millions of $$ profit? Animals are products and commodity; no one should care enough other than the dogs or cats at your home. We claim our humanity and ethical treatment towards to animals. Do we let the divine power over us and let god involved in this dirty business? Do we need to teach those monkeys prey to god? We talk about poachers and angry about how Africa’s some species are endangered, did we? We do not want to look at those captures and killings in a heartbeat, and we can just live blindly as long as we live. We are just bunch of Hippocrates!!!

  • maria isabel paz calvo says:

    It´s horrible. Stop please.

  • DeeDee says:

    How can we as human beings be so heartless, I really will never understand the abuse we give to these helpless animals. I only hope that articles will bring a change to these horrible actions.

  • Rudi Jeggle says:

    People that are able to watch animals suffer in this way and carry on about their day normally MUST have some kind of mental illness. They should be checked out. How can this be legal in this day and age!? When will a governing body of the world finally stand up and say enough is enough! We’ve raped and destroyed this planet enough now! I never would have thought that the USA was so backward in it’s thinking! Vivisection is just Scientific Fraud!!!

  • Sh says:

    Please stop shipping the monkeys for the cruel experimentations.

  • Jamie says:

    We live in a CIVILIZED society!!! This is uncivilized! ENOUGH tests have been done to animals..use the knowledge from those tests! To subject an animal that can not speak for itself to your torturous experiments is evil and will only bring evil upon yourselves! Test on murderers with life sentences!!! Not on defenseless animals that have never done anything wrong!

    I would like to know what companies are supporting this outrageous behavior.

  • William Higgins says:

    I am encouraging everyone I know to make calls and boycott Air France and KLM if they transport these animals. PURE EVIL. Is there a petition started on

  • Linda says:

    I find it very difficult to comprehend humans can be sooo disgusting and cruel – humans have no right to inflict such terrible treatment on our fellow animals, it makes me so sad 🙁

  • Shelly says:

    This is completely unnessacary,and really needs to come to an end!!!!

  • Deb Fahey says:

    If you transport these beautiful creatures you are no better than the laboratory that tortures and kills them. The lab and all associated with it should be in prison. Who would want to fly with a company who kills these wonderful beings? I’m not supposed to threaten or speak angrily, however, if you transport………..

  • Karen Conover says:

    Would you please stop this insanity. Who gave you permission to desecrate these poor helpless creatures. It is my fervant prayer that rale against this atrocity, PLEASE !!!!

  • Linda says:

    As I sit here reading this I feel so helpless… All I can do to really help is this: God please send miracles for all animals who are inhumanely treated & made to suffer at the hands of disgusting & cruel humans. This is an emergency & the timing is crucial. Thank you for your help.

  • Anna Korshunova says:

    Такие эксперименты давно надо запретить. Просто поражает человеческая жестокость. Все те, кто проводит издевательства над животными – пусть экспериментируют на себе и своих детях. ПОЗОР двуногим тварям. НАКАЗАНИЕ должно быть подобно их поступкам.

  • HiDeKa says:

    We have to STOP this cruelty!

  • Anchal says:

    Stop this inhumane acts on monkeys and animals, we have no right to do so, karma’s going to biteyou back for not supporting this !!



  • Tati says:

    Who can tell me where this Air France office is?

  • H Hollon says:

    SO sad and so sick. WE must stand together and make our voices heard that we will NOT TOLERATE this evil, abusive, horrendous treatment of poor innocent animals. It must be stopped now!

  • Maralyn Jullienne says:

    Comne on people – this is 2012 -what are you doing to these dear animals, and WHY are you doing it? Dont we have enough technology to work it all out without using sentient animals? Disgusting.

  • Leonora Velasco says:

    It is a shame that scientists should devise such terrorific experiments to prove what they already know is harmful to humans. I’m quite sure there are many other ways to go through tests without the unnecessary suffering of innocent animals. The worst thing is that it all has to do with money and nothing with respect and compassion.

  • H Hollon says:

    This story proves that we live in a really insane, evil, vile, cruel and disgusting world and WE WHO CARE MUST TAKE ACTION AND STOP THIS THIS ASAP. Thanks to the whistle blower who took the huge risk of job and limb and tole the horrors so this horror is stopped.

  • Laura says:

    These creatures are thinking, feeling animals very similar to human beings. The only reason this continues is because they cannot say: We’re going to press charges. Stop this cruel and unusual behavior.

  • sandra says:

    I called!!! But the monsters did not answer and sent me to a machine that said their office was closed. I am so ashamed as well that humans like me have no heart or a sense of compassion towards these defenceless animals! I hope their airline gets shut down!

  • Alice Gheorghiu says:

    I called the Airlines in Chicago, they were closed. I’ll try again tomorrow, Tue, Jan 31st. I however wanted to share with you all what I wrote to this company:
    ‘I am writing you today as a concerned citizen who never used any medication in the past several years. I am disgusted by the way you treat animals in various tests, and I will assure you that God doesn’t sleep and if you will experience mishaps in your private life, you should know that there is a law of cause and effect in this Universe of ours. I don’t want to taint myself by getting into argument with such ‘Rejects of our civilized World’ but I am deeply affected by your doings, and I am sure millions of normal intelligent humans would agree with me. I am just telling you, stop what you are doing. It will be for your own good. Otherwise, keep doing what you are doing and endure what the future have prepared for beings like you. Make no mistake the punishment is in the air, it’s right at the gates of your Hellish Facility.’

  • Alisha says:

    this is terrible. this MUST STOP! Seriously in our world today why are we even still testing on animals?? what are they testing for? tell me & ill never buy it or use it. Disgusting. NEVER flying Air France!!!

  • jenny says:

    nevermind ‘stop transporting them’, STOP TESTING ON ANIMALS!!!! then the transporting would not even be a factor!!! test on the things that work there as they do not deserve to be on the planet.

  • Lin says:

    This is so inhumane that I can’t stand it. So ugly. And, the airlines are no better – it is all about money for them.

  • susan says:


  • Megan Thomas says:

    This is so wrong and inhumane I can’t believe any country let alone the U.S. is still animal testing. This is disgusting behaviour and Air France should not support this by transporting these innocent animals. These details and acts of animal cruelty make me feel sick to my stomach and I am so ashamed that we are not doing more to help animals – we are their only voice.

  • Susan Bryant says:

    I am in despair ….when will the suffering end????? :(((

  • Leslie Doyle says:

    Please do the right thing!!