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The Hobbit: Unexpected Cruelty (Infographic)

PETA’s report from whistleblowers that as many as 27 animals died preventable deaths during production of Jackson’s latest Middle Earthian film has shocked the entertainment world and forced Jackson, his fellow producers, and production giants Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema to make statements on the alleged abuse. However, instead of coming clean and vowing to prevent future deaths by improving animal treatment on set or not using animals in film at all, they all chose to avoid and deny some of the allegations.

Maybe they don’t understand how serious these accusations are. To help them come to their senses, PETA has put together an infographic that spells out the alleged abuse that animals endured while being used for The Hobbit‘s “journey.” Share with friends and family, and if you happen to see Peter Jackson around town, make sure he sees it, too. Maybe this time he’ll get it.

Share this infographic on Facebook, on Twitter, and beyond, and take action now to prevent cruelty to animals in future films.