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G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park Investigator’s Log—Cruelty

Animals were routinely hit, punched, kicked, sprayed with cold water, struck with rakes and shovels, and blasted with fire extinguishers to break up frequent fights.

February 27: Watched [C1] pick up a chicken by the hind legs and swing the animal around.

February 28: [R] and [C2] were throwing rocks in the direction of pigs, rams, goats and deer. … They also grabbed sheep by the horns and tossed the animals’ heads around by their horns..

March 10: [J1] came down, and grabbed a lamb … by the horns and dragged it to the cage that held the female lion. He used the lamb as bait to get the lion up. She did get up, and charged the fence, [terrifying] the lamb …. He ran off as soon as [J1] let go of his horns, visibly very shaken.

March 24: [D1] hosed [the tiger] down with cold water to get him to move. … He cowered in his house trying to avoid getting wet for several minutes but got soaking wet.

March 25: [P] pulled the goat violently by his horns. … He then gave the goat a kick in the butt as he threw him into the enclosure.

March 30: [Several employees] went down to see the horse who was donated several days ago. When we got to him, he was a terribly heartbreaking sight. He was lying down, barely able to move. He had an enormous open sore on his back left leg, where hundreds of flies were eating away at him. There were flies buzzing around his whole body. There were two other sores on his face that flies were eating at as well. He was barely clinging to life, what life was left in him was engulfed in severe pain and suffering. … They said we have to wait until tomorrow night to shoot him, by “[J1]’s orders.” We won’t be calling the vet; he will be shot with a gun by [D1] and then fed to the tigers.

March 30: [D1] said that if there was [a tornado], we would get out the guns so that we could start shooting any animals whose gates gave way. … Later in the day, there were three spots where it looked like one would touch down within a few miles of us, and [D1] was walking around with a handgun.

March 31: As we passed the [injured] goose, I said I was going to get him his food and water. … [P] said to just let him starve, it was only a goose. … We got into another huge argument over it, and at one point he said, “I’ll go slit its throat and throw it in the dead hole.”  …  I started to bring the dishes back to the goose, but when I got close, [M2] … told me the goose was dead. I … immediately [felt sure] that [P] had killed him.

April 4: [J1] had trouble shifting a few mountain lions at one point, so he picked up gravel from their cage and pelted them with it. They cringed in fear and ran the other way.

April 4: Each white tiger was in a cage with one orange female, and one of them started fighting a good amount. Their fur flew all over the cage as they leapt and swatted at each other. [J1] once again pelted them with gravel and water to get them to move where he wanted.

April 4: [J1] went into the cage with all the cats with a rake and shovel, hitting the cats on their heads and faces with the rake and shovel to back them up. … They all ran away from him in fear as he swung the shovel over his head wildly.

April 4: [J1] swatted the animal with the rake in the face, and the cat ran to the other side of the catch pen. … [J1] slammed [another tiger] in the face with the rake.

April 18: We moved four different bears today. … [Tripoli the bear] was busy trying to eat some bamboo and excited to be out of the cage that she is always in, so she was exploring her new surroundings. [J1] walked up to her and swung the rake so it hit her in the side of the head.

April 26: A lot of wild baby birds were stolen from their nests in order to be fed to the snakes. … These baby birds were so tiny that they could be cupped right in the palm of a hand, and as they were stolen from their nests, they constantly squirmed and tried to flap their tiny wings, which were barely developed. [B] said that the mother birds were dive-bombing him and attacking him.

May 2: The two newest baby tigers, who were born just [before J1 left] on this last road trip, were taken to get declawed today. They are just a few weeks old and have been on the road being handled by [the public] since they were just a few days old.

May 15: In order to get some mountain lions to shift, [D1] soaked one of them for a good few minutes with the water hose.

May 17: At the end of the night, [J1] said that tomorrow he will pick up some rat poison that looks like bird seed to put up on the roofs of the buildings. He wants to kill off a majority of the sparrows to get rid of the bird poop problem.

May 30: [M1] … said that there was an emu that he was going to shoot and feed to the cats in the back because he had huge wounds on his face and had flesh hanging down from his throat. It was assumed that he stuck his head in a cage in the back and had been clawed. … [M1] was bragging that last night he shot a feral cat. … He then said that he was probably going to shoot Oreo [the goat]. … I think [M1] just likes to shoot living creatures.

June 1: [M1] came by, holding a live chicken upside-down that he had caught on the grounds. He used this extremely frightened chicken as “bait” as he said. He shook him violently at the faces of the lions to keep them in the cage.

June 1: [M1] continuously swung the shovel at the white tiger, hitting him a few times.

June 5: [M1] started hitting [the 7-month-old tigers] in the face. … [M1 often] hit these poor cats, and threw them around like they were stuffed animals. … More than once, he grabbed a cat by the tail and dragged him or swung him around.

June 8: [M1] started getting pretty frustrated and angry with [the cats], and he hit them on the head with his hand a few times. … He then picked up the rifle and was trying to hit the cats on the head with the butt of the gun. He first hit the lion in the head with the gun. … [H]e hit the tiger very hard on the head with the gun. Throughout this whole time, [M1] is yelling at the cats, calling them “the two fucking idiots.” … [M1] took a piece of bamboo that was lying there and was poking a cat in the face. At one point, he poked him right in the eye.

June 11: [M1] caught a chicken in the morning, and tied him up in the catch pen as a lure [for Lacara the black leopard], so that when Lacara grabbed the chicken, the catch pen door would swing shut. … Later on … Lacara was in the catch pen … the trap had worked.