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Eli Roth’s Best Tweets for Animals

“Auschwitz for Orcas” is how Eli Roth described SeaWorld on Twitter following the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and three whales in 2010. The Hostel director later said, “That was perhaps wrong. I should have said it was ‘Dachau for Dolphins.'”

Not only is Eli the king of groundbreaking horror films, he’s also a voice for all animals enslaved in Hostel-like conditions and abused for human entertainment. Check out more of his tweets for animals below.

Eli Roth on Captive Animals at SeaWorld

Eli Roth on Roadside Zoos

Eli Roth on GoDaddy CEO Bob Parson’s Elephant Killing

Eli Roth on the Threat of Gorillas Taking Over the Planet

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