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PETA Investigation Uncovers Cruelty on Chinchilla Fur Farm

In the wake of the investigation, PETA wrote to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) demanding that it begin protecting animals raised for the bloody fur trade, but, sadly, animals killed for their skins—including chinchillas, foxes, minks, and raccoons—currently receive no federal protection from the kinds of abuses that our investigators witnessed.

Updates Since the Investigation

April 11, 2007: Court Rules in PETA’s Favor

A federal court has thrown out a lawsuit that was filed to stop PETA from showing video footage from this investigation. The lawsuit claimed that the owners of the fur farm were harmed by the investigation, but the court ruled in PETA’s favor on every claim and dismissed the entire case.

U.S. District Court Judge David M. Lawson stated that PETA “has a right to object publicly” to the raising and electrocution of animals for their fur and that “[t]he methods and practices of raising and destroying animals, especially for commercial purposes, has been recognized as a matter of public concern.”

He compared PETA’s use of undercover investigations to that of major TV networks: “Undercover investigations are one of the main ways our criminal justice system operates. In addition, television shows like Primetime Live and Dateline often conduct undercover investigations to reveal improper, unethical, or criminal behavior.”

The court concluded that PETA’s publication of its undercover video footage on its Web site was the “truthful publication of and accurate representations of” the furriers’ actions.

February 2005: MDA, USDA, and Local Officials Investigate

Following our investigation of the chinchilla fur farm in Michigan, a joint inspection was conducted by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the USDA, and local animal control officers. The fur farmer has agreed to work with a local veterinarian for training in euthanasia and humane handling. He will no longer kill chinchillas via electrocution and will learn how to euthanize them by lethal injection.

Read the letter from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

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  • Fiona says:

    The world that you make is the world we all have to live in.

    May your skins always be your own.
    May your childrens’ skins always be their own.

  • chinchillalover13 says:

    I have 4 chinchillas and they mean the world to me they are so precious i just don’t know how you could kill these helpless animals knowing they are endangered it is so wrong it needs to stop now or else they will become extinct 🙁 THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW AND IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO HELP OF IT IT WILL STOP WHOS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stillaround says:

    I just got my baby chinchilla yesterday, ive knew about this for awhile and i dont think its right and it should stop! but now that i have one i dont want this happening! killing these cute adorible animals isnt right! its time for a change and for this to stop!!

  • john says:

    I like fur but I think if you want to wear them you should kill the animal yourself. So you know the price.

  • putastoptofur. says:

    this is sickening- i don’t understand how anyone could do such a sickening thing. It’s disgusting.

  • ChinchillaBabe says:

    i have 5 chinchillas.. this is news to me i had no idea this was what they did to them. i joined immediately after i saw this. my babies will NEVER be worn as if they had no meaning. if you wear animals you are purely pathetic. I hope you feel good wearing something that causes pain and suffering to harmless helpless animals

  • Anonymous says:

    Chinchillas are very intelligent, sensitive animals that stress-out easily. They are also very observant. If a chinchilla sees another chinchilla crying in pain while it’s neck is being broken, it will know to be terrified. Think about the fear they live in on a fur farm, all for the sake of FASHION. This has to stop!!!!

  • Farrah says:

    I have a chinchilla. He is the sweetest thing. I love him so much! It is amazing on how clear he shows his feelings. If he is tired he jumps on the couch for us to cover his cage with a blanket, if he wants to be let out he sits by the door, if he wants a treat he begs us. Some farms, break their necks! How mean is that? THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!!

  • Stella says:

    I have got chinchillas, and i can’t understand, that they kill them for these stupid coats with the original fell of chinchillas. Chins are so sweet and so intelligent.

  • johnzanimalz says:

    This is SICK.

  • Keith says:

    Somebody has to stop this sickening sadism.These fur farmers are no better than paedophiles-they are animal abusers.tO ELECTROCUTE A BEAUTIFUL, GENTLE ANIMAL LIKE THIS IS SICK.Nor should they be killed with lethal injection.
    This is an ENDANGERED species.It must be possible to use the U.S. Endangered species law to stop this, close the fur farms and stop this genocide.

  • Klaudia says:

    I love chinchilla..

  • nicole drinnon says:

    I have five PET chinchillas and this makes me sick! chinchillas are so smart and they are very affectionate and kind animals.i think its sick to kill an inocent creature to just make a coat out of them…………………lets save these lil animals

  • Ltravis says:

    Horrible. Seeing those chinchillas in those tiny cages is heartbreaking! I have a sweet chin, and they’re wonderful, intelligent animals. I don’t understand how someone could murder one in the name of bloody, nasty fashion.

  • Brittany says:

    I think its horrible how dare anyone wish murder upon any living creater for there own WANTS. I have two chinchillas and they are fantastic pets, and very intelligent. It just breaks my heart, I do not understand how some people can be so close minded.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it’s horrible.
    I’ve got 2 chinchillas: they’re very sweet as pets (:
    Why people can’t understand that the fur they wear is covered by the blood of innocences?
    It makes me so angry!

    sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian (:

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