Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Call for Innovation

Challenge: To stop the suffering of billions of animals using innovation and technology.

PETA is calling for innovations that will help stop the suffering of billions of animals worldwide.  Do you have a big idea that can help animals who are exploited for food, clothing, experimentation, or entertainment?  We want to hear from you and explore how we can work together to make your idea a success.

Billions of animals’ lives have been forever changed by the innovation of individuals from many different fields and perspectives:

  • Before the development of computerized crash test dummies, automakers used live pigs and ferrets as trauma test subjects in car crash tests.
  • An industrial design student invented a special cover with cooling gel pockets to keep stranded whales alive longer.
  • Scientists at MatTek Corporation invented a 3-D model formed from human skin cells that now prevents tens of thousands of rabbits every year from having chemicals smeared onto—and often burned into—their shaved, abraded backs.
  • Educators at Digital Frog International developed virtual-dissection software that can save the lives of millions of frogs every year.
  • With the advent of computer-generated imagery, specialists in the entertainment industry are replacing the use of live animals in film.
  • The entrepreneurial team at InVitro International created Corrositex, a toxicology test that has saved the lives of more than a million animals.

PETA wants to connect with entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, researchers, and leaders who are ready to transform their innovative, game-changing ideas into reality.

Here are some projects on the horizon:

  • New technology is paving the way for in vitro meat.
  • Bioprinters are getting close to ending the need to use animal parts for heart-valve replacement patients.
  • Innovative uses of the world’s lightest solid material, aerogel, which is composed of 99 percent air, may lead to the elimination of down feathers in jackets.

What’s Your Idea?

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Call for Investors

Are you looking for the next big, sustainable or health-conscious venture or investment? Do you want to work with a dedicated team with unmatched experience in creating scalable, repeatable, cost-effective innovations? PETA, the animal rights innovator for more than 30 years, can help. We’ve got the big ideas, the courage, the expertise, and the track record that your investment portfolio needs.

Most people know us for our chutzpah and media prowess, but did you know that we helped advance automobile-safety technology by helping to replace the use of live pigs in crash tests with human-relevant, high-tech crash-test dummies? More recently, PETA has had a hand in developing smarter, kinder science practices by advancing non-animal testing methods that can be more cost-effective, human-relevant, and efficient than the archaic animal-based methods currently employed.

PETA’s role as a visionary has also included incentivizing sustainable, entrepreneurial pursuits such as posting a $1 million prize for the development of market-ready in vitro chicken meat.

We can help diversify, strengthen, and add value to your investment portfolio by developing an innovative, cost-effective, high-margin venture that helps animals, addresses climate change, and improves health. PETA’s considerable resources include the following:

  • The powerful PETA brain trust: a unique combination of out-of-the-box thinking, creative genius, and expertise 
  • Efficient, effective, and frugal project managers 
  • Specialists, including a cadre of scientists with advanced degrees in such fields as epidemiology, public health, and environmental science as well as Ph.D.s in molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, and genetics 
  • Media and outreach resources to help catalyze and propagate market support for the new venture 

Call us to build your portfolio and legacy of game-changing innovation for animals.

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