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Bob Barker Wants You to Be a Caring Consumer

Many animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in archaic product tests for cosmetics, personal-care products, and household cleaning products and ingredients. Bob Barker calls attention to the suffering of animals used for product testing in a video public service announcement (PSA) for PETA and urges all shoppers to be “caring consumers.”

Rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats, and other animals have chemicals in everything from floor cleaner to skin lotions dripped into their eyes and poured down their throats. These animals endure the pain of having caustic chemicals applied to their sensitive skin––even though the results of animal tests are often unreliable or not applicable to humans. The non-animal tests available today are cheaper, faster, and more accurate at predicting human reactions to a product than the old animal tests ever were. More and more companies are switching to non-animal tests as consumer support for cruelty-free products grows. As Bob Barker explains, “The price is never right on products tested on animals.”

Order a free copy of PETA’s handy shopping guide or search for cruelty-free companies online. These are a couple of quick and easy ways to find out which products don’t contribute to the suffering of animals.