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PETA Investigation Uncovers Cruelty on Chinchilla Fur Farm

PETA investigators witnessed unimaginable cruelty on a chinchilla fur farm in Midland, Michigan.

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Marc Bower and PETA Team Up for New York Fashion Week

Marc Bouwer wants to show Hollywood that there’s no excuse for wearing any animal skins.

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Traci Bingham Gets to the Meat of the Matter

“All animals have the same parts—have a heart, go vegetarian.” That is the message of PETA’s ad starring Traci Bingham, the curvaceous vegetarian actor.

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Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series Creator Says, ‘No Circuses With Animals for My Family’

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series creator asks families to boycott circuses with animals.

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Vegetarianism: A Winning Formula for Athletes

From Olympic arenas to NFL stadiums, vegetarian athletes are dominating their meat-eating competitors.

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Australian Supermodel Imogen Bailey Says, “Hands off the buns!”

Imogen Bailey, Australian model and actress, shows her buns to save bunnies — and asks people never to buy or wear fur or fur trim.

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‘And Then It Hit Me …’

Stories from PETA supporters about breakthrough moments.

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Great Apes Used in TV, Film, and Ads

Chimpanzees and orangutans destined for use in television, movies, and advertisements are torn from their mothers as infants and beaten to make them perform. Learn more!

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Further Abuses of Australian Animals Exposed in Gruesome Investigation

Australian sheep are beaten and abused in this PETA undercover investigation of treatment of exported sheep.

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‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki’s Anti-Fur PETA Ad

Jared Padalecki wants you to know what happens to dogs, cats, and other animals before they’re made into fur items sold in stores.

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