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Introducing Joss Stone: Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Vegetarian

PETA introduces the world to a side of Joss Stone that many of her fans may not know about: her vegetarian side.

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‘Win One for the Gipper’: Animal Fats Double Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Research shows that the toxins in meat increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, while the antioxidants in vegetables help prevent it.

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THE DIRTY DOZEN: 12 Worst CEOs for Animals in Laboratories

PETA’s Dirty Dozen list highlights companies and CEOs that choose torture and greed over compassion.

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Diego Luna Promotes Safe Sex for Dogs and Cats

Mexican heartthrob Diego Luna explains the importance of safe sex—for dogs and cats—in a new PETA ad targeting dog and cat overpopulation.

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Just When You Thought It was Safe to Go Back in the Water

When it comes to having a taste for flesh, the biggest predator of them all – humankind – has a meat addiction that kills more than 100 million sharks …

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Former Slaughterhouse Worker Became Outspoken Animal Rights Activist

Former slaughterhouse worker Virgil Butler becomes outspoken animal rights activist, who worked tirelessly to expose cruelty at Tyson Foods.

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Vegetarian Retreats Offer Great Getaways

Vegetarian Retreats make for great travel adventures. Check out the veg-friendly destinations and plan your next trip.

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Tax Meat: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about taxing meat. Read our FAQs.

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Puppy Mill Prisoners | A Few of the Lucky Ones

After the investigation of Nielsen Farms and puppy mills, PETA purchased nine of the dogs and with the help of a shelter, placed them in loving homes.

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World’s First Fish Empathy Quilt

Fishing hurts! Fish may not be cute and cuddly like puppies and kittens, but they suffer and experience pain in very much the same way.

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