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ONPRC Laboratories: A Nightmare for Monkeys

Learn more about how to help the millions of animals suffering in chemical toxicity tests.

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Investigation of ONPRC Reveals Horrifying Abuse of Monkeys Used in Cruel and Useless Experiments

An undercover PETA investigation revealed horrific conditions at the Oregon National Primate Research Center.

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Daily Reports From Rescue Efforts During the 2006 Lebanon War

Daily reports from PETA Asia’s animal rescue efforts during the 2006 Lebanon war.

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Charlotte Ross’ Naked Anti-Fur Ad

Actor Charlotte Ross shows her “buns” to support bunnies and boycott fur in this PETA ad.

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Eva Mendes Poses Nude to Speak Out Against Fur

As Eva knows, the fur trade is a violent, bloody industry that has no place in fashion.

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Kristen Johnston Poses Nude in Ad Against Horse-Drawn Carriages

Emmy Award–winning actor Kristen Johnston bared all to become the latest star of PETA’s campaign against horse-drawn carriages in New York City.

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Playboy’s Holly Madison Poses Nude to Help Animals and Proclaims ‘I Always Fake It’

You might see Playboy model Holly Madison, star of The Girls Next Door, wearing bunny ears, but one thing you’ll never see her in is bunny fur!

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Naked Dennis Rodman Urges Fashionistas to ‘Think Ink, Not Mink’

Dennis Rodman was the first man—and the first sports star—to pose for PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” series.

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‘Have the Cojones to Fix Your Dog,’ Says Mickey Rourke in ABC Ad

Mickey Rourke stars in an Animal Birth Control ad for PETA.

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What Becomes a Loser Most? ‘Jerri Blank’ Reveals Fur’s Ugly Side

Comedian Amy Sedaris reprises her role as “Jerri Blank” of Comedy Central’s cult hit Strangers With Candy to share that wearing fur is for losers.

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