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What the World Will Look Like for the Last Orca at SeaWorld

One of the orcas at SeaWorld is pregnant. Her baby may spend as many as four decades in a tank.

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Aging Gracefully Through—and With—Compassion ©

Aging Gracefully Through—and With—Compassion

These celebrities over 50 manage to get better with age. How do they do it?! The answer is as simple as leaving cruelty off their plates.

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Nicole Williams' Skin Sliced and Peeled—Like Animals Used for Leather

Nicole Williams depicts the abuse and pain of animals in the leather industry in a graphic ad for PETA.

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Winners Announced: This Year's 'Sexiest Vegans Next Door' Are …

These vegans know that compassion is sexy. Check out what they won!

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Justin Long Gives Voice to Charlie, a Neglected Dog

Actor Justin Long will break your heart as he speaks for Charlie in this true and unfortunately very common story of a neglected “backyard dog.”

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Hear Prince’s Musical Gift to PETA

In honor of the late, great Prince, enjoy “Animal Kingdom”—the pro-vegan song that he donated to PETA.

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6 BIG Reasons Why Big Cats Don’t Belong in Circuses ©

6 BIG Reasons Why Big Cats Don’t Belong in Circuses

Just like elephants, big cats suffer when they are tormented and abused by circuses. The only difference is, for lions and tigers, there is no end in sight.

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Which Schools Have the Most Progressive Dissection-Choice Policies?

Think all students can choose not to dissect animals? You’re dead wrong. See which school districts need a refresher course in compassion.

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Video: Watch the Hilarious Reaction When Rescued Chimpanzee Meets Jane Goodall

It’s a whole new world for Joe, a chimpanzee who has been held in captivity since the day he was born.

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Celebrities’ Veggie Testimonials

Watch PETA’s exclusive “veggie testimonials” and find out what your favorite stars have to say about the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

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