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How One Weekend at Westminster Hurts Dogs for Life

Nature didn’t create dog breeds—humans did. There are many health problems that result from breeding dogs for certain physical attributes.

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Why 2016 Is the Year of Vegan

Don’t just take our word for it—learn why the world is ditching dairy foods and animal flesh to make 2016 the Year of Vegan.

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Longtime Vegan Bellamy Young Celebrates Food, Compassion With PETA

Bellamy Young delights in her decision to go vegan while in college and chats with PETA about how much she loves her vegan life.

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13 Reasons Never to Drink Goat’s Milk ©

13 Reasons Never to Drink Goat’s Milk

Dairy is scary, no matter what animal it comes from.

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Take Action to Help America’s Loneliest Elephants

Denied everything that is natural and important to them, these nine elephants have been kept isolated from other elephants for years. You can help them.

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Ad Students: Submit Your Most Provocative Ad NOW and WIN © Krakowiak

Ad Students: Submit Your Most Provocative Ad NOW and WIN

PETA is looking for the best animal rights ads of 2016. Want the chance to win an Apple gift card valued at $1,000? Submit your entry today!

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Professional NFL Player Is Proudly 'Plant Powered'

“Leaner,” “lighter,” and “faster” are words NFL player Griff Whalen uses to describe himself since choosing to go vegan two years ago.

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Watch PETA’s Sexy New Super Bowl Ad That Left TV Execs Speechless

Vegans and meat-eaters go head to head in the bedroom in PETA’s latest ad. Watch the NSFW video deemed too sexy for TV (and avoid a personal deflategate).

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The Conscientious Shopper’s Guide to Animal-Friendly Malls

This handy state-by-state guide is your ultimate resource for finding shopping centers that have banned circuses, other wild-animal exhibits, and the cruelty that comes with them.

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The Denver Broncos' Chris Harris Jr. Takes on a Cold Weather Challenge

The Denver Broncos’ Chris Harris Jr. toughs it out for as long as he can, showing how lonely, cold, and desperate neglected dogs are during winter months.

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