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10 Reasons You Might Not Eat Bacon Ever Again

Pigs are fascinating animals who have great memories, can use tools, and can even save lives. Who knew?

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11 Videos That Will Make You Cry © Serg Alexander/Eyeworks Production

11 Videos That Will Make You Cry

Can you make it through these without crying?

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'The Worst Thing' That Joaquin Phoenix Has Ever Seen

The acclaimed actor shares barbaric footage of China’s dog-leather industry.

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Undercover Investigation: George’s, Inc.

During an investigation at a KFC “Supplier of the Year” in Missouri it was documented that birds were being thrown by workers and crushed by metal dumping machines.

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Undercover at Pilgrim’s Pride

In 2004, PETA revealed the results of an investigation into a KFC-supplying slaughterhouse, where workers were caught stomping on chickens, kicking them, and violently slamming them against floors.

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370,000 Reasons to Spay or Neuter

You’ll be shocked to learn just how many thousands of homeless animals can result from one “unfixed” puppy or kitten.

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Are You the Sexiest Vegan Next Door? Enter Now!

Think you have what it takes to be crowned PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door? Enter now for your chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii!

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17 Dogs Who Are Sick of AKC Breed Standards

Dogs don’t care whether their physical appearance conforms to a judge’s standards, but they’re the ones who suffer the consequences when humans tinker with their genes.

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Top 7 Reasons to Ditch Wool

Buying wool supports the torture of sheep. Here are seven reasons to ditch wool, according to our Twitter followers.

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Krysten Ritter’s Dog is a Lucky Little Guy

Adopted pup, Mikey Mohawk, spends an ordinary and glorious day with his devoted best friend, actor Krysten Ritter.

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