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Joanna Krupa Simulates Orcas' Entrapment at SeaWorld

Joanna Krupa worked with PETA to take a well-deserved jab at SeaWorld and its absurd and abusive imprisonment of orcas.

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Fight Climate Change With Diet Change

Talking about climate change isn’t enough. There is one simple thing that we must all do to ensure a sustainable future: Go vegan.

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Tilikum’s Timehop: How Much Has Changed Since 1983?

Just how much has the world changed in the 32 years that Tilikum has been in captivity? For an orca imprisoned at SeaWorld, it hasn’t changed at all.

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Alicia Silverstone Since ‘Clueless': Compassionate Champion for Animals ©

Far From 'Clueless,' Alicia Silverstone Is a Champion for Kindness

Twenty years ago, actor Alicia Silverstone charmed audiences in “Clueless,” and since then, she has used her celebrity to help animals at every turn.

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Body by Vegan: Singer D△wn

New Orleans–born D△wn gave up traditional Southern fare of gumbo and crawfish for a vegan lifestyle—and has never felt better or loved food more!

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9 Things No One Told You About Hunting ©

9 Things No One Told You About Hunting

Hunters make up many excuses to justify their pastime. However hunting has no justification.

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The Most Expensive Dish From France

Get a glimpse into the short and miserable “lives” of ducks and geese killed for foie gras.

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How Long Will This NFL Player Last?

NFL’s Tyrann Mathieu toughs it out for a few minutes, then makes the point that hot cars are no place for dogs.

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The 14 Worst ‘Festivals’ Still Taking Place Today

Travel warning: Around the world, people are still inexplicably killing animals for “festivals”!

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7 Reasons Elephants Can’t Wait Three More Years

Ringling Bros. announced that it will phase out elephant acts by 2018. Here’s why that’s too long to wait.

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