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Disturbing Videos Caught on Tape by SeaWorld’s Visitors

Videos recorded by SeaWorld’s very own visitors reveal the haunting psychological and physical effects of captivity.

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Four Fascinating Videos You Need to See Before Eating Those Eggs

The horrors of the egg industry can be hard to understand, but these four short, creative videos will reveal them all.

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The Deadly Consequences of ‘No-Kill’ Policies

“No-kill” policies often do more harm than good in ending the cycle of companion-animal homelessness. Find out how we can truly help end this crisis.

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Are You the Sexiest Vegan Over 50? Enter Now!

PETA is looking for the sexiest vegan over 50! Could it be you? Enter now!

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NIH Child Abuse: Experiments on Baby Monkeys Exposed

Chilling photos and videos reveal traumatic psychological experiments on monkeys and their babies in taxpayer-funded NIH laboratories.

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Are You a Cheese Expert?

You think you know cheese, but this quiz is about to prove you wrong.

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What PETA REALLY Stands For

Do you know what PETA stands for? Learn the truth about what’s at the core of the world’s largest animal rights organization.

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Marjorie de Sousa Urges Fans Always to Spay and Neuter!

Marjorie de Sousa reminds her fans that they can help prevent animal homelessness by always having their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.

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12 Reasons Why ‘Cowspiracy’ Is the Next ‘Blackfish’

If “Blackfish” changed the way you see SeaWorld, then this movie will change the way you see environmentalism.

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16 Famous Dudes Who Love Cats!

Who said dogs are man’s only best friend? These celebrity guys think cats are just purrrrrfect!

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