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How YOU Can Help Stop Elephant Abuse ©

How YOU Can Help Stop Elephant Abuse

Tired of seeing elephants hauled around and forced to give rides and perform ridiculous tricks? Imagine how they must feel! Here’s how you can help them.

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2016: The Year for Animal Liberation

All these accomplishments were made possible because more and more humans now see that other animals are someone, not something.

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Lawsuit Unearths Lolita's Health and Behavior Records

The Miami Seaquarium tried to keep all information from Lolita’s records confidential, but a judge wouldn’t allow that. What was the company hiding?

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Play the Game Inspired by The Smiths’ Song “Meat Is Murder”

Set to The Smiths’ classic song “Meat Is Murder”, help save chickens, cows, pigs, and turkeys from a “death for no reason.”

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Rats Cry Out in Fear and Some Are Killed or Bred at This University, Student Reports ©

Rats Cry Out in Fear at This University, Student Reports

Effective, humane, and economical methods exist for teaching student labs, so why are rats being tormented at the University of Houston–Clear Lake?

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These Videos Prove That Animals Are People, Too

When we start to see ourselves in animals’ behavior, questions start popping up about the way we treat them.

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Krysten Ritter to SeaWorld: 'Empty the Tanks'

As public sentiment has evolved over more than 50 years, Krysten Ritter reminds people that it’s time to fight for orcas.

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Olympic Soccer Star Is a Champion for Homeless Dogs

U.S. soccer pro Christen Press poses with her rescued mutt Morena to urge fans to adopt animals and never buy them.

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The Hidden Cost of Buying a ‘Purebred’ Dog From a Breeder

Breeding “purebred” dogs perpetuates some of the worst chronic canine health problems.

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U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team Captain Wants SeaWorld to Pull the Plug on Orca Tanks

Tony Azevedo, the captain of the U.S. Olympic water polo team, calls for SeaWorld to move orcas and other long-suffering animals to ocean sanctuaries.

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