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4 Times PETA Shut It Down in 2014

What do you do when companies refuse to listen and continue supporting and engaging in acts of cruelty to animals?

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Breathtaking Photos from 2014

2014 was quite the year for animals, and here’s just a snippet of what PETA and its international affiliates accomplished.

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7 Heartbreaking Christmas Wishes for Santa

Santa, are you listening? If these captive animals could talk, these are the gifts they’d wish for this Christmas.

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22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter Anita Krajnc | Toronto Pig Save

22 Heartbreaking Photos From Pigs’ Journey to Slaughter

What if you had to look into this pig’s eyes before eating your ham?

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Dogs Bludgeoned and Killed in Leather Industry

A deeply disturbing PETA Asia undercover investigation reveals that dogs are bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather accessories.

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PETA’s Games

Check out PETA’s games!

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What Did PETA Do in 2014? Larry French | PETA

What Did PETA Do in 2014?

Out of more than 30 years of fighting for animals, 2014 has been PETA’s best ever. Watch PETA take on the biggest animal abusers with eye-catching tactics and groundbreaking …

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Top 10 Reasons to Be #FurFree

Here are the top reasons to go fur-free, according to our Twitter followers.

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9 Photos That Will Make You NEVER Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Why are cities around the world banning horse-drawn carriages?

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'Adopt, Don't Shop' With Glamour Kills

A portion of the proceeds from the Glamour Kills limited-edition collaboration T-shirt and pullover fleece will be donated to PETA’s fight for animal rights.

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