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Singer Kimbra Explains That Angora Looks Best on Bunnies

Australian singer Kimbra has a message for her fans: ditch angora wool and shop cruelty-free.

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Abducted From Her Family: Corky’s Story Will Break Your Heart

Experts believe that Corky still recognizes the cries of her family pod decades after being taken from the ocean and stuck in a tiny tank.

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Why Was Betsy Put in a Small Tank in the Back of SeaWorld Orlando?

When SeaWorld realized that Commerson’s dolphins weren’t popular with visitors, it moved Betsy and two other dolphins to a 15-foot-deep concrete tank in the back of the park.

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The PETA Social Media Strategy That Has People Going Vegan ©

The PETA Social Media Strategy That Has People Going Vegan

PETA is the most engaged-with advocacy organization on social media. Here’s why.

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11 Times PETA Was Ahead of the Curve on Animal Rights

For 35 years and counting, we’ve led the pack in saving lives.

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Plant-Powered in the NFL

NFL players are switching to a plant-based diet to tackle health problems and for an on- and off-the-field kick.

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The Best and Worst Burger Chains Ranked by PETA

Did your favorite make the list?

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This Video Will Break Your Heart and Save Lives

An alarming video, from the viewpoint of a child, shows how dangerous it is to leave your dog in a car.

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Beluga Trapped at SeaWorld Has Lost All Five of Her Calves

If you thought orcas were the only ones suffering at SeaWorld, think again. Meet Martha.

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Is Your Food a Product of Rape?

The exploitation of the female reproductive system is at the core of animal agriculture. Here’s why all feminists should be vegan.

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