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Animals Who Survived Hurricane Katrina, Thanks to PETA Members

Ten years after the largest and costliest hurricane in U.S. history, PETA reflects on the animals our teams rescued from the disaster area.

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Babies Killed for Your Dinner: Can You Guess Their Age?

Learn how old animals used for food REALLY are when they’re killed to be put on your plate.

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The Jaws of Death: How Steel-Jaw Traps Torture and Kill Animals

Steel-jaw traps are so vile that they’ve been banned in 88 countries—but not in the U.S. or Canada. What are we waiting for?

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SeaWorld’s International Orca Abuse Exposed at Loro Parque

Cruelty to orcas at SeaWorld in the U.S. is well known, but you may be shocked to discover what orcas owned by SeaWorld endure internationally.

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‘Classroom Pets’ Teach Kids The Wrong Lesson

Is someone you know headed back to school? Find out why the classroom is NOT a good place for animals.

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Pure Joy: Elderly Bears Take First Steps After Decades in Tiny Pens

See the first photos of these four elderly bears in their new sanctuary home.

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Listen to Jarvis Landry: Summer Heat Can Kill Dogs

The Miami Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry spreads the word about looking out for dogs’ well-being in hot weather.

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What This Veterinarian Saw at SeaWorld Orlando Isn’t Pretty

Our veterinarian visited SeaWorld Orlando, and this is what she saw. It isn’t pretty.

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This Veterinarian Investigated Orca Abuse at SeaWorld San Antonio

Never-before-seen images taken by a veterinarian at SeaWorld San Antonio show the true conditions for orcas at SeaWorld.

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Kid Ink: Treat Your Dogs Like Family Members

Hip-hop artist Kid Ink considers his dogs to be family.

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