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17 Orcas Who Can’t Celebrate Mother’s Day, Thanks to SeaWorld

Meet the orcas whose families were destroyed by SeaWorld when they were torn away from their mothers.

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5 Canadian Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out Against the Seal Slaughter

These five celebrities take issue with their native country’s needless annual massacre of baby seals.

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Who's the Sexiest Vegan Next Door? Check Out the Winners!

Take a look at the winners of PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest and find out what they won!

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Pregnant Marisa Miller Defends Captive Orca Mothers

Swimsuit model and surfer Marisa Miller poses naked while pregnant to make a case against SeaWorld’s separation of orca mothers and their babies.

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These Animal Moms Are Impressive—So Why Are They Being Treated Like This? © Larry French/PETA

A Mother's Love Transcends All Species

From elephants to pigs, the maternal bond is strong throughout the animal kingdom.

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Climate Change and Animal Agriculture, Explained

The link between climate change and meat and dairy products may not be obvious, but it’s clear, and it’s huge. Here’s what you need to know.

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James Cromwell: Watch My Disturbing Horse-Racing Video And Skip The Triple Crown

Academy Award–nominated actor James Cromwell uncovers the abusive and deadly racing industry.

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10 Travel Nightmares Worse Than Yours

Flying can be a pain—but if you fly Air France, your flight could be much more terrifying than you ever imagined.

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Downed Cow: The True Story of One Anonymous Animal Born Into the Meat Industry

Electro-shocked, beaten, injured, and left to die—one cow’s heartbreaking journey to slaughter highlights the hidden cost of meat.

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Tom Hardy's Biggest Fan Has Four Legs

Tom Hardy is a huge fan of dogs, and dogs have reason to be fans of his—the actor joined PETA to spread the important message of animal adoption.

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