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9 Places Down Feathers May Be Hiding

Always check the labels before buying these products—they may contain down feathers that were painfully plucked from live birds.

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Pardon Me? The Grim Fate of The White House Turkeys

Each year, the President issues a “turkey pardon” at a White House Thanksgiving ceremony. But what exactly happens to the birds after the photo-op ends?

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35 Inspiring Rescue Stories From 35 Years of PETA © Emile Hallez

35 in 35: These Rescues Will Give You All the Feels

Grab a tissue—these rescue stories are so touching.

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Sia Targets Fashion Trade in Provocative Catwalk PSA ©

Sia Teams Up With PETA to Help Millions of Animals

Pop sensation Sia has teamed up with PETA for a riveting computer-generated public service announcement (PSA) that involves a fashion show in which animals model body parts of people. The …

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14 Stunning Transformations of Dogs After Their Rescues

Prepare to be wowed by the inspiring transformations these dogs made after they were rescued. See their before-and-after photos now!

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Help peta2 pick the best of 2015—get free stuff! ©

Help peta2 pick the best of 2015—get free stuff!

The nominees for peta2’s annual Libby Awards have been announced. Vote for your favorite vegan and animal-friendly foods, brands, and celebs now!

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Joss Stone Wants You to Leave Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe

Three animals skinned for one bag is three too many for Joss Stone. She shops cruelty-free and thinks you should, too.

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Real-Life Plant-Based Superheroes Who Are Straight Up Crushin’ It

Attention, haters: Please find your way to the nearest chair and take a seat.

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How ‘Green’ Is My Diet?

Each day, a vegan saves about 1,100 gallons of water and 40 pounds of grain. Use this calculator to see how “green” your diet could be.

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10 Animal Torture Devices Straight From Your Nightmares

Held down, electrocuted, and cut apart—helpless animals are struggling in excruciating pain in labs right now as hellish torture tools are being used on them.

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