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Trent Reznor Narrates PETA’s Dog and Cat Fur Trade Investigation

Every year in China, millions of cats and dogs are killed for their fur. “If you buy or wear fur, you must share the blame for the suffering of …

PETA Goes Behind the Scenes With Patricia De Leon

See behind-the-scenes footage from Patricia De León’s photo shoot and learn how going vegetarian has changed her life

Jennie Garth’s ‘Save the Seals’ Photo Shoot

Go behind the scenes at Jennie Garth’s “Save the Seals” photo shoot for PETA, and find out why the actor and mother of three is speaking out against Canada’s …

Nikolette’s ‘Veggie Love’ Casting Session

This luscious aspiring model and her amazing radishes were too hot for PETA’s Super Bowl ad but piqued our interest and made us hungry for more.

Carey Hart Stars in PETA ‘Ink, Not Mink’ Ad

Find out what the action-sports star and tattoo-industry entrepreneur has to say about fur-wearers and how he joined the fight for animal rights.

Explore Elsewhere

PETA’s TV ad encourages vacationers to avoid Canada and “explore elsewhere” until the Canadian government ends its annual commercial slaughter of baby seals.

Australian Live Export to the Middle East in 2006

A 2006 investigation by PETA and Animals Australia revealed that live sheep exported from Australia are subjected to cruel handling and slaughter practices.

A Look That Kills: Fur, Leather, and Wool

Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry.

Martha Stewart Renounces Fur, Hosts PETA Video Exposé

“I used to wear real fur,” says Martha Stewart in her new video on, “but, like many others, I had a change of heart when I learned what …

Twilight’s Christian Serratos Poses Naked for PETA

Watch as Christian Serratos bares all for her sexy PETA “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad, and find out why the Twilight star couldn’t wait to pose …

Christian Serratos’ ‘Save the Seals’ Photo Shoot

Go behind the scenes at Twilight star Christian Serratos’ “Save the Seals” photo shoot for PETA and find out why the actor is speaking out against Canada’s cruel seal …

Behind the Scenes of Georges Laraque’s ‘Veggie Testimonial’

NHL star Georges Laraque talks about how the cruelty of the meat industry influenced him to go vegan and how much better he feels after ditching meat and dairy.

Wool—Australia’s Secret Shame

Painful mutilations, being slaughtered while fully conscious? Animals raised for wool endure a lifetime of horrors.

PETA’s Alicia Silverstone Interview

In her new book, The Kind Diet, actor Alicia Silverstone explains her reasons for switching to a vegan diet and describes the many positive effects that it has had …

Chester Bennington’s ‘Ink, Not Mink’ Photo Shoot

Join Chester in choosing “Ink, Not Mink” by pledging not to buy or wear fur, and learn why he wants you to adopt and never buy companion animals.

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