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Kosher Slaughter in South America

Footage of kosher slaughter from Uruguay reveals extreme cruelty to cattle. Uruguay is the number one exporter of kosher meat to both the United States and Israel.

Pigs Abused After Surviving Truck Crash in Virginia

On a sunny day, yet another transport truck overturned on a straight road in Virginia. Workers pulled surviving pigs by the ears and struck them in the face with …

Ringling Baby Killers — Overview

Baby elephants under Ringling’s care have died cruel deaths.

Matador School

Romaticized by Hemmingway, this matador school footage proves that the corrida is a cruel, unromantic place.

Chinchilla Farm Investigation

PETA investigators on a fur farm in Midland, Michigan, saw owners electrocuting chinchillas (causing painful seizures) and snapping the animals’ necks while they were still conscious.

Finnish Fur Farm Investigation

Foxes on fur farms are forced to spend their entire lives in filthy wire cages, deprived of everything that is natural, then killed and turned into coats or trim …

Outtakes From Constance Marie’s PETA Ad

Actor Constance Marie encourages spaying and neutering of animal companions to help curb dog and cat overpopulation.

Road to the Greenhouse: A New Hope

It has been a long, hard road to the Greenhouse for Broccoli Obama and Dijon McCain, but at the last minute, “a new hope” has emerged!

Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules for Animals’

Bill Maher stands up for animals by celebrating PETA’s 25th anniversary with a special edition of “New Rules.”

Joan Jett Speaks Out Against Eating Meat

Joan Jett sat down with PETA to discuss why she’s a vegetarian, how it’s affected her life, and why she thinks every animal lover should be vegetarian.

Ron Jeremy Speaks Out Against KFC

Porn legend Ron Jeremy encourages fans to boycott KFC until the company improves its treatment of the millions of chickens it tortures and kills for its menus every year.

Joanna Krupa’s Exclusive Interview With PETA

Joanna Krupa talks to PETA about why she wanted to bare all to help animals.

Tim Gunn Interview

Find out what the Project Runway star had to say about his show, the ways in which animals are treated by the fashion industry, and what he thinks should …

Jenna Jameson Says, ‘I’m Hatin’ It’

Jenna Jameson refuses to eat at McDonald’s because of its routine cruelty to chickens. Watch as she talks about why she’s “hatin’ it”.

Misery and Cruelty at G.W. Exotic Animals Memorial Park in Oklahoma: A PETA Investigation

A 2006 PETA undercover investigation exposes misery and cruelty at G.W. Exotic Animals Memorial Park.

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