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PETA and Courtney Stodden Serve Veggie Dogs in Honor of Hot Dog Day

Compassionate teen reality-TV star Courtney Stodden served wieners at PETA’s Congressional Veggie Dog Giveaway, which was timed to coincide with National Hot Dog Day.

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28 Famous Men Take It Off for PETA!

PETA’s anti-fur campaigns have attracted a wide variety of athletes, actors, musicians, and pop-culture personalities. Check out some of our favorites!

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World Exclusive: Morrissey Talks to PETA About His New Animal Anthem © Michael Muller

World Exclusive: Morrissey Talks to PETA About His New Animal Anthem

In an exclusive interview with PETA, vegan rock icon Morrissey discusses his latest animal rights anthem—and shows off his PETA pride.

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8 Ways to Help Animals Using Stickers

The all-time easiest way to help animals … stickers! Check out PETA’s tips for using stickers to help animals, and order some for free!

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on Being Vegetarian

In an exclusive interview, Stuart Braithwaite, from the band Mogwai, shares why he doesn’t think animals should die for food and why you should consider going vegetarian!

Jessica Simpson Goes Vegan for the Vows, and More Celeb News

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, why Jessica Simpson wasn’t sweating the wedding, Gavin Rossdale’s heroic rescue, and a vegetarian who may surprise you.

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2014 Emmy-Nominated Friends of Animals!

2014 Emmy-Nominated Friends of Animals!

Eight of 2014’s most celebrated TV stars are kind, compassionate friends to animals, and a couple will probably surprise you.

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Sheep Killed, Left to Die for U.S. Wool

PETA’s exposé in the U.S. found that a shearer forcefully bent sheep’s necks and limbs and cut part of a sheep’s ear off. Workers sew up gaping cuts with …

Sheep Punched, Stomped on, Cut for Wool

PETA’s investigations in Australia—the world’s top wool exporter—found that shearers beat, kicked, and threw terrified sheep. Help these gentle animals today!

7 Foster Farms’ Secrets Worse Than the Salmonella Outbreak

After its latest recall, Foster Farms is facing possible closure of its slaughterhouses by the USDA. But there is much more to be concerned about.

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Bullfighting in One Minute

From the moment that the bull enters the bullring, he is doomed to a violent, bloody death. Please, never support bullfights or bull runs.

8 Things You Never Knew About PETA

A few things you never knew about being employed at the world’s largest animal rights organization!

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Cher Is Dressed to Kill… SeaWorld’s Profits ©

Cher Is Dressed to Kill… SeaWorld’s Profits

In celebrity news, Cher is “dressed to kill” on tour and ready to kill SeaWorld’s profits, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has a new love, and more.

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Pig Farming in One Minute

Learn the dirty secrets of pig farmers everywhere by watching for just 60 seconds. You can help pigs like these by refusing to eat them

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