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Proud Canadian Celebs Blast Canada’s Seal Slaughter

These five celebrities take issue with their native country’s needless annual massacre of baby seals.

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James Cromwell: Horseracing is a Blood Sport

Academy Award nominated actor James Cromwell uncovers the abusive and deadly racing industry.

400 Fish Poisoned at Aquarium, PETA Calls for Robotic Replacements©stevenallan

400 Fish Poisoned at Aquarium, PETA Calls for Robotic Replacements

Even the largest tank cannot mimic a river or ocean and so cannot offer the kind of vast, open environment that fish need.

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James Cromwell: Watch My Disturbing Horse-Racing Video and Skip the Triple Crown

Academy Award–nominated actor James Cromwell uncovers the abusive and deadly racing industry.

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Selfless Orangutans, Thankful Crows, and Cavorting Crocodiles

Animals will give their food to others in need, express gratitude with gifts, and even give each other rides for fun. So why do we still exploit them?

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Victory! San Juan Gives Horse-Drawn Carriages the Boot

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto signed an executive order banning the use of horse-drawn carriages anywhere in the Puerto Rican capital.

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One Experimenter’s Story:  I Hurt Animals Paul Gazda "We Are Sorry"

One Experimenter’s Story: I Hurt Animals

What does it feel like to work in a laboratory?

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From Abandoned to Adored, Neglected Dog Swoons Over New Family

A rescued dog’s first glimpse of his new guardian will warm your heart right down to the cockles.

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Spotted in Dublin: Dumped Fur Coats Return as ‘Ghosts’ of Murdered Animals

PETA’s poignant collaboration with artist Solus reminds Dubliners of the thousands of victims of Ireland’s fur farms.

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Pamela Anderson Visits Maricopa County Jail to Promote Meat-Free Program

PETA applauds Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s policy and calls for jails and prisons nationwide to drop meat.

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For Tom Hardy, Adoption Is the Only Option

Tom Hardy is a huge fan of dogs, and dogs have reason to be fans of his—the actor joined PETA to spread the important message of animal adoption.

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Tiny Dog Attacked Not Once but TWICE—and Lives to Tell About It

Two attacks by stray dogs left this intrepid little pup battered, but not broken.

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14 Shocking Seal Slaughter Photos © Sea Shephard Conservation Society

14 Shocking Seal Slaughter Photos

Will you speak up for baby seals to help end the seal slaughter for good?

Is it OK to eat eggs from chickens I’ve raised in my backyard?

As an animal rights group, we cannot condone using animals for any reason, which is why PETA promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle. However, we would not oppose eating eggs …

What is PETA’s stance on faux fur?

Our goal is to reduce the sum total of animal suffering. For people who want the look of real fur, faux fur can be a good alternative. It’s important …