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No Hunger in His Game: Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan! ©

No Hunger in His Game: Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan!

Hemsworth is the latest celebrity to “volunteer as tribute” for a healthier, more compassionate life by going vegan. Here are our top five favorite things about the star!

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This Chained Dog Got Fed Every Day … Unless It Was Raining

A dog who used to spend every hour alone outdoors—even in terrible weather, when he wasn’t fed—is seeking a fair (and foul) weather friend.

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Cowabunga! Get a Load of These Real-Life Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens

OK, they aren’t teenagers, mutants, or turtles, but these four kittens do have some mad ninja skills.

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Chris Culliver: Save the Rushing for the Field

NFL star Chris Culliver and his canine pal Chance stop to smell the roses in an ad urging, “Save the Rushing for the Field. Slow Down—It’s His Walk!”

Tangled Tether Almost Costs Dog Her Leg

We have no idea how long the dog had been immobilized, but one thing is certain: She needed help right away.

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Rescued Camels Meet Their Soul Mates—Each Other

For Waheed and Tracy, what could have been the end of the road became the beginning of a love story.

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Congressperson Receives PETA’s First Courage in Leadership Award

U.S. Congressperson Lucille Roybal-Allard is a voice for those whose voices often go unnoticed.

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Animals’ Favorite Playboy Playmates

The iconic men’s magazine “Playboy” is pulling its pin-ups, but have no fear: Here at PETA, we’d still rather bare skin than wear skin.

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New Angora Wool Exposé: Urge Free People to Stop Selling Cruelty

PETA visited angora farms in China deemed “humane” by third-party auditors and discovered suffering, neglect, and cruelty beyond imagination.

Dogs in Leaves: Instant Happiness Guaranteed

If the Internet has you down, we have the cure: dogs in leaves. Yes, dogs playing in piles of leaves. You’re welcome.

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Before-and-After Photos Show How Dogs Should Age

Touching before-and-after photos show young pups and the dear older dogs they matured into over a lifetime of tender, loving care.

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44 Celebrities to Ringling: Retire All Exotic Animals NOW

Three years is too long for Ringling’s elephants to go on suffering, and the circus isn’t retiring its other animals at all. See the petition that 44 celebrities have …

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Win Ed Sheeran’s Guitar, Stella McCartney’s Bag, Kelly Slater’s Board & More

In PETA’s 35th anniversary online auction, you can bid on prizes from Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Daniel Tosh, Black Sabbath, Russell Simmons, and many others.

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Exposed: Lambs Mutilated, Sheep Kicked and Hit With Electric Clippers on Argentine Wool Farm

Have you ever wondered what it would take for a company that supplies wool to retailers around the world to cut ties with a farm it had trusted for …

NEW Exposé: Lambs Mutilated, Sheep Kicked and Hit on Argentine Wool Farm

What it would take for a company that supplies wool to retailers around the world to cut ties with a farm it had trusted for years?

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