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Lost Puppy Picks Exactly the Right Moment to Emerge From the Woods

Emmy was so thrilled to be rescued, she practically hurled herself into PETA’s van.

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UPDATE: Rescued Pup Meets His New Family

Chained in the backyard by a breeder at just 6 weeks old, Keane was rescued and adopted by a loving family. It’ll be the best thing you see today.

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Buffy Has Slayed All the Vampires. Now She’s Coming for You.

Watch out—these adorable vampire-slaying kittens just might drive a stake through your heart.

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Protesters Prompt Canada Goose CEO to Flee Opening of Flagship Store

Canada Goose might be rethinking fur after the tumultuous opening of its first store included a runaway CEO and protesters locked inside the building.

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You Won’t Believe Who Owns This Pig Farm

PETA Germany exposes the abuse of pigs by the very people who are supposed to protect them.

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Don’t Let Halloween—or Any Night—Be a Fright for Your Cats

“Mistress of the Dark” Elvira knows a thing or two about fright—and for cats, nothing is scarier than life outdoors.

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How PETA Is Using Emerging Technology to Cultivate Empathy for Animals

At a virtual reality conference, PETA discusses and demonstrates its high-tech, unique projects to help people become more empathetic.

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‘Chickens’ Gang up on Creepy Clown

A band of vigilante “chickens” goes after a killer clown responsible for the deaths of billions of animals.

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Grab a Pussy(cat) ©

Grab a Pussy(cat)

PETA is aiming to help people choose the right cat-idate and elect to adopt.

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Going Vegan Has Done ‘Wonders’ for Mýa

What she thought would be a fun challenge of trying vegan eating became an eye-opening experience for Mýa.

This Dog Scratched Himself Bloody From Fleas (Photos)

His bald spot makes him look like a middle-aged man, but Chip is really just a young whipper-snapper full of puppy pep.

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Ducks Kicked, Slammed Against Walls for Meat and Down

A PETA video exposé of Culver Duck Farms, Inc.—the second-largest duck slaughterer in the U.S.—reveals that ducks were kicked, thrown, slammed against walls, and kept in isolation for weeks.

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Who Beat These Women Up?

Women display their “bruises” to highlight the everyday violence hiding in plain sight at the shopping mall.

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