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PETA’s 2014 Annual Review

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk explains why 2014 was a great year for animals.

Celebrities Feel the Way We Do—They Hate SeaWorld, Too! ©

Celebrities Feel the Way We Do—They Hate SeaWorld, Too!

SeaWorld’s downward spiral saw no end in 2014, and celebrities continued to tweet about it. Check out some of our favorites!

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Shoppers Get an Eyeful (Photos)

Holiday shoppers get some last-minute advice about what to leave off their gift lists.

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Special Delivery to the Vatican: A Vegan Ham!

PETA hopes the Pope will celebrate a cruelty-free Christmas.

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Breathtaking Photos from PETA and Its International Affiliates in 2014

2014 was quite the year for animals, and here’s just a snippet of what PETA and its international affiliates accomplished.

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PETA’s Most Shocking Investigations of 2014―and How Things Have Changed

Our investigations were often hard to watch, but we know that when people are shocked by what they see, they’ll be motivated to act. And they did.

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Named PETA’s Person of the Year Credit: Rob Bennett/Mayoral Photography Office

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Named PETA’s Person of the Year

PETA caps New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first year in office by bestowing on him our biggest honor.

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How to Make U.S.-Cuban Relations Last Longer

President Barack Obama says, “U.S. and Cuba will resume relations.” PETA says, “Great, but this time, let’s make it last!”

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LA and NYC Hit by #WoolFreeWinter Storm (Photos)

Vegan footwear and accessories retailer MooShoes takes the #WoolFreeWinter pledge—in a big way.

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Victory! Charges Against Woman Who Stood Up to SeaWorld Dismissed

Today, a PETA protester and the marine mammals she sought to defend got a measure of justice.

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Ariana Grande, Jessica Chastain, Cory Booker: Rescued Chickens Who Paint

Ariana Grande, Jessica Chastain, and Cory Booker are getting a holiday gift that likely no one else in the world will have: original chicken artwork

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Look Who’s Naked in the Latest PETA Ad

PETA gets some D.C. landmarks ready for winter in warm, animal-friendly style.

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How Did One Grateful ‘Dog’ Celebrate Newport News’ Chaining Ban?

A Newport News, Virginia, council member challenges supporters of an anti-chaining ordinance not to forget about humans in need, so PETA steps up to the plate.

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Dogs Bludgeoned and Killed in Leather Industry

A deeply disturbing PETA Asia undercover investigation reveals that dogs are bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather accessories.

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PETA’s Games

Check out PETA’s games!

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