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The Cruelty of Bank Traps

PETA releases footage of cruel, indiscriminant bank traps used in Somerset County, Maryland.

PETA Infiltrates Another KFC Supplier of the Year

PETA conducted an undercover investigation at a KFC Supplier of the Year slaughterhouse owned by Georges Poultry.

One Month Later: Man Who Shocked, Kicked Pig Still Managing Farm

One month after a breaking investigation of a pig factory farm, the farm’s manager is still employed.

Butterball’s House of Horrors

PETA’s 40-day undercover investigation at a slaughterhouse owned by the nation’s leading turkey compan

Ringling Bros.: Bullhook Abuse and Lame Elephants

Watch a Ringling Bros. trainer strike an elephant named Tonka with a bullhook. Moments later, a bloody wound the size of a quarter can be seen behind Tonka’s left …

Mutilations at AgriProcessors Slaughterhouse—(Full Version)

PETA spent seven weeks undercover at AgriProcessors, Inc., slaughterhouse in Iowa. What’s being done to animals there defies descriptio

North American Turkey Slaughterhouse

Cameras captured these all-too-common and heartbreaking scenes inside a turkey slaughterhouse in North America.

AgriProcessors Denies Health Care to Employee

In this video, AgriProcessors’ human resources director denies health care coverage to PETA’s sick investigator.

Musicon Deer Farm

PETA’s undercover investigation of kosher venison supplier Musicon Deer Farm.

A Living Nightmare—Egg Farms

Animal advocacy organization Compassion Over Killing documents conditions on multiple egg farms to show that cruelty is the norm, not the exception, in the modern egg industry.

Standard Practice at Land O’Lakes Dairy Farms

Undercover video of a Pennsylvania Land O’Lakes supplier shows workers’ cruelty to animals. Some cows at the farm were left to suffer and die slowly.

Tyson’s Dirty Deeds

Tyson Foods slaughterhouses exposes disgusting conditions that this KFC supplier does not want you to see. Workers are shown abusing, mutilating, and decapitating animals.

North Carolina Puppies in the “Kill Box"

In a North Carolina “shelter,” dogs and puppies just weeks old are crammed on top of each other inside a windowless, dark “kill box,” where they are gassed with …

Suzy’s Story

Suzy was a sweet, inquisitive rat who was stocked as a “feeder” (to be sold as food for reptiles) at a PETCO in Providence, Rhode Island.

Investigation Exposes Cruelty at Iams Lab

PETA’s investigator also found dogs and cats confined to small, barren cages, some for up to six years; at least 27 dogs were kille

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